Month: December 2018

Honda Fresno: The Safest Cars in The Industry

Since we often use our cars in everyday life, safety becomes a serious problem, especially because the risk of road accidents can be quite important. However, if you drive a Honda Fresno Accord or any other Honda Fresno car, you can be sure that you drive one of the safest cars on the planet.

Honda Fresno  Safety Certificate – Awards and Recognitions 

Honda Fresno is considered one of the pioneers of the automotive industry when it comes to passenger safety. In fact, the Honda Accord was awarded the Top Safety Pick + award by the Insurance Institute for Road Safety (IIHS) and in 2013 was considered one of the safest cars. Acura TL, a luxury car created by Honda, he also made it for the list.

IIHS also awarded 2012 with the best safety choices for Honda Accord, Civic and Civic Si sedans based on their individual performance in frontal and side collisions, as well as reinvestment. Considerable weight was also given in evaluating the seats and / or head restraints to protect against neck injuries in the event of rear bumps. Honda Fit, Insight, Pilot, Odyssey and Ridgeline, as well as the CR-V and CR-Z also received the same recognition.

Honda Civic also made the ABC News list of the 5 safest cars of 2010. Kelley Blue Book, a reputable automotive appraisal company based in the United States, also acknowledged that Honda Fit 2012 and Honda Civic are among the safest cars for teenagers.

Honda cars that have been recognized for their excellent safety features include: 

Honda Ridgeline and Honda CR-V: The first four-door truck and the first compact SUV in North America to receive a 5-star rating in frontal and side impact safety tests in accordance with the old NCAP standards.

Acura MDX: the first luxury mid-size SUV to receive a 5-star rating in frontal and side impact safety tests in accordance with the old NCAP standards

Accord Sedan and Accord Coupe – received a general 5-star vehicle safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) in accordance with the categories of frontal / side collision and tipping

Honda Cars – What makes them safe?

In addition to the bodies designed to reduce the impact of accidents, Honda Fresno cars, SUVs, minivans and trucks are equipped with advanced safety features that enhance passenger protection. All Honda Fresno vehicles have precise steering and excellent braking capabilities, sophisticated airbag systems, as well as seat belts and powerful head restraints. He is also actively developing technologies to further improve passenger safety and keep Honda Fresno cars at the forefront of their class, especially to ensure road safety.

Things You Need to Know About GEO Contact Tri-Color Lenses

Contact lenses are typically worn by both people with good eyesight and those that weren’t blessed with the average eyesight. These are lenses and are temporarily worn for fashion. Some people wear contact lenses with prescriptions; meaning they are worn by people who are legally blind.

As the demand for contact lenses grow, so does its kinds and that’s why there are Geo contact lenses today. These are lenses that come with different styles and color which is why it’s becoming popular. If you’re curious about GEO contact lenses, here’s what you should know about it.

Pick a GEO Contact lens.

GEO contact lens has both standard and special lenses which you can choose from. Standard or simple lenses are basic colored lenses for individuals who want it easy. Simple lenses are fresh, common and not hard to match with your current fashion. Then there’s the Special GEO lens and it’s the kind that can literally make a statement. It comes with vibrant colors and designs that can really catch the eye which is why it’s called “special”.

Geo contact lenses come in a variety.

Contact lenses, in general, are produced with different kinds but with GEO Contact lenses, you’re assured that you’re using a unique GEO tricolor. This usually means that you get 3 shades in just one lens which makes the eye much fashionable and captivating. And not just that; Geo tri color has a lot of variety to choose from, such as shades of red, violet, yellow, green and so much more.

Be confident in using GEO tri-color.

Aside from tri-colors of GEO contact lens, it’s itch-free from its water compound. This gives your eyes a moist look without having you put solutions on your eyes for hours. GEO tri-color contact lens might be heavy to look at but the lens itself is extremely light-weight. This type of GEO contact lens is fashionable and safe to use for over a year.

GEO tri-color has a prescription contact lense.

It’s not only the normal eyesight people that can enjoy GEO tri-color contact lenses because this comes with prescriptions as well. Those that are finding it hard to see normally and needs to use prescribed eyeglasses can indulge themselves with GEO tri-color lenses too. The material in prescription GEO tri-color is durable and made by GEO medical specialists which means the lenses are specially made for people suffering from poor eyesight.

GEO contact lense, what else?

GEO contact lenses are not just your ordinary contact lens. There have been a lot of products that offer cheap lenses but are you aware of its quality? Using the wrong ones is a threat to your eyes’ health. And in worst case scenarios, it might damage your eyes. But with GEO contact lens, rest assured that you can use wherever you might order it. There’s a website that you can check the serial number for validation.


Contact lenses are the new “in” of today. People are gradually leaning towards things that can improve lifestyle and health. These lenses are just one of the many things that the industry has come to provide. To know more information about geo tri color, you can click on it and learn from the site.

Why Trust Cloud400 for Your Iseries Online Backup Needs

All data backup solutions have the potential of crashing and rendering your applications and data useless. Whether Linux, IBM, AIX or IBM’s midrange server lines like the iSeries, there is no guarantee when things go south, you will be able to access your data. That’s the reason you should invest in the right technologies to protect your data in the event of a disaster.  Cloud400 is your number-one destination for quick data recovery. Our team of IBM-certified experts will help you backup, store, and retrieve your lost data on the cloud.  The best thing about us is that we offer very affordable and reliable services.

Streamlined Operations

Our data backup and restoration processes are simple and straightforward. They are customized to give you easy time monitoring and understanding how they work. With us, you don’t have to worry about time waste. We will get you back on business within as little as 6 hours and as long as 24 hours.

We Offer Great Flexibility

Our data backup and restoration is suitable for businesses of all sizes. We will start and grow with you regardless of how small or big your business is. Our designs are customized to meet your special needs and preferences. Quite interestingly, we leverage our IBM technologies to ensure we can provide higher performance and a great level of customer satisfaction.

Affordable and Reliable

As with our services, you are assured of making significant savings. With us, you shouldn’t worry about high maintenance costs and continuing hardware investments. We offer pay-as-you-go monthly subscription which lets you pay only for the services you need. So, you don’t need to worry about spending so much on services you won’t need.

24-Hour Availability

ISeries online backup cloud400 backup solution is available anywhere and anytime.  Our services are readily available through a simple internet connection. We don’t operate under strict geographic boundaries. We are available to serve businesses all over the world and on a 24x7x365 access to our system.

Great Systems and Data Protection

With our award-winning data centers, you get a variety of highest safety features. We usually make sure that we protect your data and systems at all cost. You don’t need to worry about our recovery mechanisms failing when you really need our services. We promise to give the best and the best you will get from us.

We have A Team of Specialists

ISeries online backup cloud400 backup is made up of highly qualified and IBM certified specialists. Our team of experts and professionals will give you the expert support you need starting from project outset to implementation and use.


You cannot tell when next disaster will hit and your business data and applications are rendered useless. You cannot just sit, relax and expect things to work well for you. You need to take the right steps to make sure that you secure your business data and applications to keep them safe. If you are thinking of investing in high-end and professional data recovery services, you should consider using Cloud400 backup solutions.

The Benefits Of Buying Used Cars In RaleighS

Nowadays, since the car has become a necessity, the necessary finances for a new car to become a threat. The solution is simple: buy a used car. Under its use, it does not mean a car whose life ends, or a vehicle that is transported only when other conditions do not allow it to be called a car.

When you are thinking of buying a used car, first look at the budget at hand.

Then, after this, look for the cars that are available in this range. Once you have an idea of ​​the options available, decide on the model you want, and find all the technical details to get a better idea of ​​how much the car was used and how much you pay.

There are many ways to buy used cars in raleighs. You can get it from someone who is willing to sell your car and get a personalized treatment, or you can go to a car dealership for new and used cars in raleigh or to a car dealership that deals only with used cars in raleigh. It is always better to buy the owner of the exhibition hall, because the deal will be less problematic. You will know exactly the details of the car, as well as receive follow-up services and warranty card upon purchase. These offers do not appear when you buy from the seller personally.

If you are buying someone else’s car, always check it carefully. Always ask questions, such as why they sell a car, for what purpose it was previously used. Also ask your technician to check the mechanics of the car, because after the sale you cannot claim any flaws.

It is very important to take the car for a test drive. This gives you the opportunity to test your level of comfort while driving a car, as well as check any problems with driving a car. Listen to any unusual sound or change the speed of the car at different levels of speed. You can also check the car while driving on different types of roads and localities to ensure trouble-free driving.

Other things you would like to check are the front and rear lights and buckets.

Then there are the brakes, the clutch, the accelerator and all the gears. Also check for engine and oil leaks. See if the battery is new, as a car with an old battery will reduce the cost of the car, just like any previous maintenance work.Giving a hand on the transaction, do not forget to request the registration documents and the property of the car. It is imperative to make sure that you are buying what you really wanted to pay, and that you owe the car legally.

These tips will keep you warm when the weather gets cold

As the winter weather takes hold, and the mornings get wonderfully crisp with beautiful frosts, our homes can suddenly feel as chilly as the outside. Keeping our homes and ourselves warm is crucial as the temperature drops outside. Here we have three easy ways to ensure that you stay warm and cosy as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder.

Keep the heat consistent

It can be tempting to only turn the heat on when we feel the cold, but for our health, it is best to keep the heat at a level and stable temperature. Fluctuations in the temperature can make aches and pains worse. So you should keep the room that you spend the most time in – the living room perhaps – at a constant 21°C. Keep other rooms at 18°C.

Do turn the heat up if you still feel that chill. A major concern is, of course, the cost, but you may well be eligible for help with your bills.To keep the heat in, close your curtains at dusk and get some draft excluders on your doors, both internal and external.

Check your heating system

If your home is still cold despite the heating being on, it could be that your heating system needs a check, or the radiators all could do with bleeding. In Gloucester boiler servicing is easy to arrange, with many companies like able to come and do a check and make sure all is running smoothly and importantly, efficiently.

Layers and more layers

It’s better to always stay wrapped up at home. And we don’t mean sitting around in your big winter coat! Lots of thinner layers are always better than one big one. Layer up with thermal under layers, and natural fibers like wool and cotton. Fleeces are great, as are fingerless gloves, so you can still make a cup of tea.

Invest in some blankets and throws, and have them on your sofa. You can lay them across your knees, and around your shoulders when watching television or reading. Keep your layers on when you go to bed too. That way you will be lovely and warm all night.

With these simple and cost-effective tips, you can stay toasty, comfortable and healthy this winter.

Six Spray Booth Cleaning Tips

Keeping spray booths clean is essential, and while some parts of the cleaning process are best completed by a professional, there is plenty you can do to clean your booth and keep it in the best condition.

Here are six tips for cleaning your spray booth.

1. Ensure You are Safe and Careful

Before attempting to perform any cleaning work on your spray booth, it is essential that you are cautious. Cleaning your paint booth can be an extremely dangerous task, and it is important to follow appropriate safety protocols and wear the essential equipment.

2. Take Simple Steps in Cleanliness

Taking simple steps in cleanliness can help your spray booth stay in a good condition.

For example, ensuring the booth is properly caulked and cleaning up after you have used it can help keep your spray booth in top condition.

3. Use a Good-Quality Air Filter

It is tempting to install cheaper spray booth filters, but like most services, you get the quality you pay for. By using a good-quality filter and replacing it regularly, you can ensure your spray booth remains in a clean condition.

If you are unsure when you should change your spray booth filters, a good rule to follow is to change filters once the final tier of resistance is reached.

4. Avoid the Build-up of Dust

If you allow it, dust will quickly appear and build up. You can minimise the quantity of dust entering the paint booth by following just a few simple steps. First, ensure that the doors are shut and that any items left inside the booth are essential.

Dust can be extremely problematic in paint booths and can affect your paint jobs. Therefore, it is vital that you minimise the amount of dust.

5. Clean the Booth

While some jobs in paint booth cleaning must be left to professionals, you can conduct some basic cleaning yourself to ensure the booth remains as clean as possible. Do not clean the booth with a cotton mop as it will leave fibres behind.

6. Consult a Professional

Cleaning spray booths can be a dangerous job, so you must find out more from a professional for expert advice.

A specialist can provide a professional service that ensures your spray booth is not left dangerously unclean.

Common issues faced by college students

College time is full of fun and frolic and along with it comes lots of study pressure and distance from parents too. It is the time when you can take your career in the right direction and also make fond memories that would last your lifetime. But student life in college is not filled with all happiness and there are lots of situations that students have to handle which were not in school.

Here are some common issues that college students struggle with. For more information visit their website:

  1. Time management: College comes with lots of activities. There is a lot more to study and the number of extracurricular activities also increases. Students have to keep aside some time with friends and enjoyment too. In addition to that, there are tuition classes or part time jobs for which students must spare some time. This leads to a lot of stress and mental pressure on students.
  2. Debt: costs of study is increasing continually and in addition college students must pay for housing, supplies, meals, books and transportation. In addition to that, for partying with friends you need to have money. All these expenses lead to unmanageable debt. As a result many students end up doing jobs or drop out from college. As students cannot manage their finance well, they end up struggling in the web of debts.
  3. Spreading yourself too thin: most students who do not have proper financial backup of parents, end up doing jobs and this makes them less focused on their academics. As a result, they get bad grades, poor jobs and this leads to a lot more stress in their lives. They do not get enough sleep, proper food and physical exercises. This makes way for lots of mental and physical health issues.
  4. Homesickness: as college students are staying away from their home and parents for the first time mostly they get homesick. Freshers suffer a lot more as there is lack of parental guidance and an increase in pressure of studies and altogether a new living environment.
  5. Depression: because of changing lifestyle, many students cannot handle it positively and maturely and this leads to a high stress level. This can lead to emotional lows and contributes to depression in the long run.
  6. Health issues: Poor diet, increase in the intake of junk foods and energy drinks, lack of sleep, study pressure and no time for exercising makes them prone to health issues. Living in quarters with other students also poses health risks and this can increase the chances of a student’s contracting illnesses.
  7. Social problems: making new friends and connections and socializing can be tough for some students.

These are some of the challenges that college students struggle with.

PUBG Mobile – The Game That Revolutionized Mobile Gaming

If the Hollywood heist movie 21 had the now famous phrase “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”, it was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that brought it into mainstream culture. The genius of PUBG is that you have a tense, and most importantly, fun experience regardless of your skill level. If you win, great! If you don’t it’s still fun and that’s all that matters.

If you want to download PUBG on your PC, console or phone, just search playerunknowns battlegrounds kostenlos if you are in Germany. PUBG on a phone is really great to play. In fact, it is a surprisingly good experience in terms of gameplay and smoothness. You may ask why?

When PUBG was released on the Xbox One in 2017, it was a technical mess. The frame rates were choppy, and the overall experience lacked polish. The game has been updated and patched numerous times, but not all flaws have been fixed. When released on PC after spending some time in beta, the game was criticized for being highly un-optimized for most PC setups. Most people gave the Xbox version a pass as it is a challenge to bring a game un-optimized for PC to an underpowered gaming console. But many gamers were genuinely surprised by the level of polish that PUBG mobile had.

First things first; PUBG mobile is nowhere graphically intensive as the other versions. The graphics have been downgraded significantly, with shallow buildings, lower level geometry, blurrier details and textures. But on a small screen, the difference is hard to tell. Some phones even carry an HDR mode setting that improves graphics, but this feature is only available on select flagship devices.

playerunknowns battlegrounds kostenlos

Performance is solid on capable device, details of which you can easily Find out more on the internet. The game runs at a solid 30fps on midrange devices too, and pushes 60fps on powerful smartphones, like those running Snapdragon 845. The controls are also intuitive and smart. Buttons are placed so that you can shoot while you are strafing or aiming. In fact, actions like looting and closing doors are far easier to do on the mobile version than on PC.

The mobile version has also brought its own gameplay alterations. The blood is now green, and the mini map shows icons to indicate auditory cues like footsteps and gunfire in case you are unable to play using headphones. The game’s pacing remains the same throughout all versions, so expect rounds to last over 30 minutes.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the presence of bots on the mobile version, apparently put in place to help new players come to grips with the nuances of PUBG. As your skill increases, the ratio of real players to bots increases. The bots are easy to tell- they are pretty dumb and do not put up much of a fight. But this is a clever way to ensure that people have a good experience when they play PUBG.

You can download the game by just searching for playerunknowns battlegrounds kostenlos online.