Month: February 2019

The new device that quickly bonds plastic to metal

To bond metal and plastic together, you traditionally had to use rivets or bonding adhesives; now, a new bonding gun has been developed by engineers in Germany that enables the two materials to be bonded faster and more cost-effectively.


The main downfall of using metal bonding adhesives is the need to leave the items while the adhesives set, which causes a delay to the next steps of production. The main issue with using rivets is that plastic items are easily damaged using this process. Both processes also require the manufacturer to have to continually pay for more rivets or adhesives, making them costly production methods.


The engineers in Germany have managed to solve these issues by using the HeatPressCool-Integrative (HPCI) process, which involves pinching the thermoplastic and metal items together at the location that needs to be bonded. Inductive heat is then targeted at the location on the metal, which makes the plastic partially melt. This process means that the surface layer of the item made of plastic can bond with tiny anchoring structures etched onto the metal item using a laser. This provides a very secure bond.

The process

As soon as the plastic has cooled and contracted, it creates a bond between the two items. This process takes only a few seconds, alleviating the need to leave the items during the setting process. HPCI does not require the companies to continually purchase material to enable the process to take place, as is needed with metal bonding adhesives and rivet bonding.

When adhesives are used to bond metal and plastic, different adhesives are required for different types of plastic. HPCI does not need to be adjusted in this way, as different plastics are used.

Other applications

The German engineers that created the technology state that this method can easily be integrated into existing production lines. This alleviates the need to completely redesign the production process, which would obviosuly be very costly. As an example, the HPCI guns can easily replace spot-welding guns by mounting them onto robots. Other possibilities include the use of HPCI guns in the manufacture of vehicle bodies and shells and in bonding panels of stainless steel to refrigerators or dishwashers. The possibilities would appear to be endless.

Tips To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Hearing the wedding bells and seeing those pretty smiles are incomparable. But, little did you know that the preparations to make the wedding a success is very tiring. There are many things to consider and details to look over when planning for a wedding. One of the most important decisions to make is choosing the right photographer for that day. You need to settle the photography style you would like on your special day and so on. It could either be a documentary type, a fine art, or a style that is edgy, and bold work for you. It can be better talk it out with your significant other when you book photographers houston. If you both have the photography style in mind, move on to choosing the perfect photographer. There are many photographers that can accommodate your heart’s desire. Here’s your guide to finding them on your very special day.

How Do You Like Your Photographer?

The first thing you should do is narrow down the styles and type of photography you would like on your big day. This will make the search for the right photographer easier. You need to look for the most recommended and find out whose work you like the most. It could also help you if you will determine whose philosophy you seem to gel with and set up an in-person meeting. Always remember to hire the one you like and the photographer that pleases you. This is important since you will spend time with them before and on your wedding day. Make sure you like them around so that you won’t spoil the mood.

Consider The Image and Style

It is your job to learn the quality of a photographer’s portfolio, their image, and style. A good photographer to hire are the ones who could offer clients a variety of styles. You need to look for someone who gives you the satisfaction in each photo. The one who could capture the happiness and fun of the day. Do not settle on services that won’t please you, be clear on what style you would like. See to it that the photographer can provide this in the most professional way possible.

Perfect Wedding Photographer

Check Out Their Previous Works

For most cases, you could ask the photographer particular work to see sample images. Or you could go over their website (if any) to check the image quality and if it is consistent throughout. There are some photographers with different editing techniques that you might like. Chances are, they could give an image with the theme you desire. But, be careful though as they might apply the same theme as with their previous works. Thus, hire that photographer that brings you something about you both as a couple. Look around you for more options to achieve that ideal theme and photography you want.

The Value of Photography

It can be best to find a photographer that could help you get the philosophy you want on your day. The ones who could bring you that picture with a thousand words and the ones who are cost-effective. You also need to value your money while searching for the perfect photography style. This is a vital element and a deciding factor but, should not be the basis for your decision.

5 Tips to Save: Your Apartment is Your Piggy Bank

Everyone can use some tips to save money, and those who have just moved to their new apartment can use these simple tips that may not be obvious in their new environment.

The rent you pay now was probably the first thing you considered when you chose your apartment, and perhaps even considered it an important factor in reducing your long-term costs. It usually happens that rent becomes the first in the list of expenses in constant growth that accompanies the movement.

Every penny saved is a penny earned is a penny that can go to pay rent, utilities and all other needs, and it only requires a little to realize the facts and some reasonable thinking, imagination and control. – Excessively turn your new apartment from money into a Dr. Piggy Bank.

The 5 tips to save

  1. Make a list. Always have a pen and paper on hand or use a scrap utility that may already be on your mobile phone. Every time you think about something that you need for your apartment, write it down, even if you have not planned a trip to the store.
  1. Think twice. In fact, think more than twice when it comes to buying something new for your apartment. This small advice, along with article number 1, should be on all lists that are even paid remotely, as a set of tips to save money. If you are prone to impulsive buying, teach this mantra and repeat it often.
  1. Never be in a hurry. Acceleration makes waste, especially in this case. Choose a day when you have enough time before you even enter the store. So you can read labels, compare prices and compare. Shopping should be wonderful and relaxing, not stressful. And when you return home, you will be delighted with how smart you are as a buyer!
  1. Buy for cash. If you know about the money you spend, you know that paying cash is better in all respects than using a credit card. In fact, payment with plastic is the first way to get into the money pit, and you should never take a card unless you are in an emergency and are absolutely obliged to do so.
  1. Think for yourself. More and more people are discovering the magic of this. Painting walls, replacing lighting, replacing locks, installing wall paintings, even a complete floor-to-ceiling renovation and interior design were left to specialists in the past simply because the average person did not know how to do it.


Moving to your new apartment can turn into a nasty pit for money, but reasonable expenses and some money saving tips will make this house the economical home you have dreamed of.

What Cat Furniture Are For

Have you ever had a Cat Furniture at home? You will not have this item unless you have a pet cat and you are familiar with the cylindrical tall shape that cats use to scratch their paws with? This is just part of the furniture and there are several uses of this accessory for your pets.

Useful tool

Cats like to climb, jump and scratch into places to clean off or as their pastime. If you do not have the Cat Furniture, you might end up having to see some breaks from your furniture like sofa or on your floor. You want a house that is organized, clean and safe for the people around. Having these items can let you save on the costs in the longer term, as well as being able to keep these cats from leaping over your bookcases, and other parts of the house. These are among the least things that you want to happen. Since there are several products that are offered by several businesses, the choices may be far and wide but this article will discuss some of the steps that you need to know.

You need to prepare your home to provide an area where your cats can use the cat condo accessory. Sometimes, homeowners are keen on placing a piece of clothing or a tiny blanket within it, to give the pet ample space to drowse off and sleep. Cats need these furniture because they are naturally keen on climbing to trees and hiding to runaway from predators or before they devour them.

cat furniture

Different angles

Homeowners also have the choice to set certain levels and customize the spaces where they will take the cat condo accessory to provide the feeling of the real world for these pets. When it comes to discovering the right cat accessories for your requirements, there are two major factors that you have to consider over the way. The first factor is on the purchase and another is on the installation. Hiring the most effective installers can sometimes be a tedious process especially if you aren’t informed about what you have to do

Remember that lots of people need to understand a powerful approach that spans from the actual purchase to the installation. Therefore, these suppliers ought to be present to provide assistance when it comes to adding these products. Cost is also a factor, to inform you. If you should be adhering to a specific budget, then you must choose the best cat accessories from a restricted product range. Nevertheless, when you’re searching for more specifications, make sure that you’re prepared to invest significantly more than what you expect for yourself.

To find the best ones, be sure that you are aware of certain knowledge about them. Aside from the purchase, you should also be able to learn how to install them. Maintenance is also a factor that comes into play. It is important to be guided on the ins and outs of cleaning the material, so your pets are prepared to play once more.

Six ways that watching TV can make you happy

There is a reason that television watching is a pastime shared by billions. It is fun, especially at this time of the year, when dark, cold evenings make you want to curl up on the sofa. What makes television so enjoyable? Here are just a few important aspects:


The excitement begins even before you start watching. You can look forward to your favourite shows, or something new. When you have seen something on the schedule and are waiting for it to arrive, it can bring a real sense of anticipation.


Casual browsing of the television can reveal all sorts of surprises. Who knows what new shows are lurking within a click of your remote?

Zone out

Alternately, you could put the remote down and tune in to a channel with relaxing shows. Let yourself sink into something and let the rest of the world disappear for a few hours.


Some people may scoff at this idea, but watching adverts can be as much fun as watching shows. Just think of the anticipation that accompanies the John Lewis Christmas offering. A great advert will be enjoyable to watch even if the product is not to your interest.

Shared experience

Watching television together is a way to become closer to loved ones. Even when relationships are strained, it can be a low-stress activity that provides something neutral for you to talk about. The long tradition of watching television as a family may have eroded in recent years, but it can still be important to relationships.

Criticism and reviews

Television does not have to be limited to what you watch on the screen. That can simply be a jumping point for a more in-depth discussion later. Read reviews, join online forums and generally become more aware of the complexities involved in each programme.

As television is such a source of joy for all the family, you want to make sure your television and aerial are installed and working correctly. If you are looking for Bath TV aerial installation or repair, you could try to keep your television and other equipment at its best.

Watching television shouldn’t be your only hobby, but in moderation, it is a proven to increase your happiness in a variety of ways. You shouldn’t dismiss watching television as a worthless pursuit.

Blinds v shutters: advantages and disadvantages

One of the best things about buying a new home is interior design. Thinking creatively and practically, you want to make everything suited to you.
People consider how to cover large windows and whether to install shutters or blinds. But do you know the difference between the two? Here are some tips on finding what you would prefer and what windows Dublin based companies can offer.

Coverings for windows Dublin based companies offer include plantation shutters which are more permanent than blinds with fixed slats that you can adjust, open and close changing the lightning and privacy with the louvered design. According to businessman Gary Chambers, there has been a growing demand in recent years for plantation shutters as people are seeing the benefits of privacy and warmth. He says around 80% of his work is sourcing and installing shutters. Blinds are operated with a pull cord. They can be adjusted to an angle so you can alter how much light is let in. You can pull them up completely if you did not want to use them at all.

Top advantages of blinds

Fitting blinds to your windows are a lot cheaper to install than plantation shutters and don’t require a large frame, therefore windows Dublin blinds are the space-saving option. Blinds also have an easy to clean design with just a simple wipe to clear the dust and dirt. You can adjust how much light you want entering the room. Plus, when you do not want to use them at all, you can easily pull blinds open. Blinds are the more creative option as they come in a variety of designs and colors. It is a great way to match a room’s color scheme and even change them when you want to revamp.

Top 10 advantages of shutters

Installation shutters are a permanent asset to your home, thus adding value to your property. They appear sleek, tidy and are less time-consuming to clean. Like blinds, you can adjust how much light is let in, but shutters can offer more privacy with the louvered slat design. Without an adjustable cord, shutters are the safer option, especially in a home with small children. Offering an array of color options, they have a more durable and long lasting build which creates a soundproof barrier and increases insulation.

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