Here’s a List of Electric Scooter Parts

You like to consider electric scooters because it can help you get through traffic jams. More importantly, it can reduce pollution since you are not using petrol. Before buying, you must know all the important parts. If you are familiar with the different scooter parts, you will not get lost when troubleshooting minor issues.

Here’s a list of commuter scooter you should know about:


The motor is the heart of the electric scooter and it is responsible for speed, power, revving and climbing. If you are not particular about motor, the basic scooter boasts of 12 volts. If you are looking for more power, you can consider 48 volts. These are ideal for your everyday use.

If you want scooters that are designed for off-road activities, you should consider 1000 to 2000 watts of power. In case you want to replace a broken motor, you can simply buy a replacement but you should be after the upgrade so it has stronger power.

Controllers and throttle

You must be aware that there are two types of throttles – specialty throttles and single-speed throttles. For specialty throttle, you can change the speed because they use a potentiometer with 5K ohms. For single-speed throttle, you just need to turn it off and on since it is designed to maintain a variable speed.

As for the controllers, they are designed to regulate the speed of the motor. When getting speed controllers, you should remember to base them on the battery voltage, maximum current and the motor power of your scooter. It is also ideal to have a limiting feature on the controllers so it can prevent motor damage in the future.

Wheels and tires

When it comes to wheels and tires, it is typically based on your scooter. There is a rule of thumb though – the stronger the motor, the bigger the wheels. For instance, if you only want regular scooters, you can pick wheels between 5 and 10 inches in diameter. If you want it for off-road riding, you can pick wheels ranging between 10 and 15 inches.


Keep in mind that there are different types of batteries used in scooters. From your end, you have to be sure what to get to make the most of it. The basic thing that you should do is check the voltage in your scooter manual. It is straightforward when you use the battery – you just need to plug the battery to the scooter before you can plug it on a wall outlet.


Brakes are the most important safety feature of scooters. Scooters have two brakes – rear and front brakes. Before every ride, make sure that you check the brake cables and are properly lubricated.

Final words

If you know such parts, you will have an idea of what replacement parts you need to order in case something is amiss. However, before buying something, make sure that your scooter is still under warranty. After mastering the basic parts of your scooter, it will be easier for you to upgrade in the future.