Procedure of hiring an uber car

Uber is one of the most safest and secured for driver services. Uber drivers are given safety as first priority from the uber technologies. The transactions through uber car hire is cashless for which there are a lot of benefits, they need not carry high amounts in their it is pandemic time there won’t be any hand to hand contact, thus there won’t be any virus transmissions.

Security given by Uber Company to passengers

Aggressive and rude customers are also dropped off in between ride if there is something wrong with behaviour; even the uber driver gives rating for the passengers. If there is a constant bad behaviour with the customers then the passenger account will get deactivated without intimation.

Like yellow cab drivers who continuously work for half day and also few black card drivers schedule their trip based on dispatchers, uber drivers enjoy their other time of a day after their rides they move with freedom. The driving with uber is so flexible. Drivers can work according to their wish; they can log in or log out based on their interest and time of work.

Drivers usually use their own vehicle, but few drivers take car rentals which charges high fare for rents. There will be an equal profit for both. Application of uber renders will be different, so as there will be politics in any field there will be equal politics and partialities even in this uber.

In past decade the uber extensive growth and its passion towards transporting people made this company the top in the field. This is the high rated value start up technology from the year 2009.

uber car hire

The controversies raised on uber company lead to a sudden fall of its annual income from 80 million$ to 40 million $ in the month of January.

As the lower valuation of uber company is considered it is the top ford calculations in competition and in the competition in general motor companies of the country.

From the year 2019 it has changed a lot in his plans and modifications which made the company to stand up as number one.

Uber started initially in the year 2008. This company is developed by two friends Travis and garrotte.

As it is pandemic time there are lot of safety measures and precautions taken by uber drivers for passengers. The cab must be sanitized after every ride. Immediately after a customer boards in to car he is given sanitizer by the few places the uber driver is isolated in his driving seat with a polythene sheet in between passengers and driver so that there won’t be any contact with the passenger.

The uber technologies came with new normal safety measures, so without ant fear if virus transmission everyone should make a ride with uber and travel wherever they want to go. Always the uber customers are the happiest customers.