What you need to know about Vehicle history checks

You have every reason to get your vehicle a history check, especially if you intend on buying a used car. Vehicle history reports or revs check may not tell you everything, but they can tell you a lot about what the vehicle has been through and what is its actual condition. Advertisements make every car look like it has just been used for a month if not less. However, what lies beyond the shining surface of a used vehicle remains a mystery.

In order to uncover that history, it is necessary that you get a vehicle history check for the car you wish to buy.

What are Vehicle History checks?

Vehicle History checks are reports issued by a governing or non-governing body concerning a vehicle’s recorded history on the road. It is basically, the life story of a car.

Revs checkWhat they contain?

Vehicle history reports are based on VIN, or what we know as vehicle’s serial number. History reports tell you about the various aspects of a vehicle. For example, you can learn about a vehicles title branding, product recall, collision damages and so on. Vehicle histories may also help you find out something about the previous owners of the vehicle.

Government reports

While reporting services are good, not all are genuine, so you should be vigilant while getting your reports. Some reporting services even sell car history to consumers to help them sell their car. Revs check reports can provide you with some level of authentic and comprehensive vehicle history.

Sometimes government bodies provide vehicle history services. These may seem to be more genuine, but they have little coverage on vehicles.

Vehicles it covers

Most of the vehicles with a registered VIN number are covered by reporting services. These may be motorcycles, trucks, trailers, cars, caravans etc. The reports include all kinds of current and history records of the desired vehicle. Whether its a theft record, registration details, financial details or any other damages incurred by the vehicle.

Reporting services

Reporting services issue PPSR and REV check certificates for vehicles. These reports may be available online or email as required. You can get a printed report as well. Good services offer two kinds of reports- one simple, easy to understand data that can be read and understood by the populace, and the other formal PPSR certificate generated for official use.