Best Bench Top Jointer – A Knowhow

A bench top jointer is instrument used for polishing wood for furniture designing for a wood working professional to work on wood a right tool is required. They are available is many sizes and shapes.

There are many types of bench top jointers, based on the usage and size. Here is a look at the best benchtop jointer. They are:

Cutech 40160H

  • It has a spiral cutter head 12HSS inserts they fence with 90 to 135 head tilt.
  • This jointer is the best and has very good qualities to make the furniture’s look much better.
  • Highly functional spiral cutter head gives the best results. It works by using current around 10Amp under 120V.
  • 12-2 side blade in it gives us smooth finishes.
  • Compared to other bench top jointers it has in-fed table made with cast iron and it gives good durability. It measures in length around 30 inches and we can customize easily.
  • In this model fence is separate from other bench top jointers are at about a height of 19 5/8 inches length of 4 3/8 inches.
  • It can rotate from an angle of 90 degree to 135 degree with out much effort.
  • Along with this product we get push blocks and 2.5-inches dust port that has come with the purchase for extra added use.
  • The parts of this bench top jointer are T Torx wrench for the fence and the cutter head, for the switch, 4-millimeter and 2.5 millimetres hex wrench, yellow safety key jointer, fence screws square and nuts, nut and washer, sliding bracket lever, fence sliding bracket, fence bracket, dust port and push blocks.


  • This is one of the high end bench top jointer. This product is user friendly and durable also.
  • The unique feature is it has a 4 side index carbide knife and helical cutter head. By having these features it gives us a greater finish.
  • 1HP power supply is enough for rotation of blades.
  • Placing the equipment on table is easier and it maintains belt tension and uses lever for doing precision cuts.
  • Tool measures in width 7.5 inches and in length 66 inches.
  • Fence and table are precision cut. The spiral cutting head is advantageous.
  • The main disadvantage is it is heavy to carry.

JET 708457DXK

  • This unit has optimal performance which is not going to get wasted. The buyers get satisfaction and give us high quality results.
  • It has high power with dual 1HP motor.
  • Around 115V is used to run this equipment.
  • A knife system is incorporated for quick and swift operation.

Fence is around 38 inch. The advantage is it is given with 5 year has triple and rapid cutting knife system. Disadvantage is it doesn’t give a helical cutter.