Brad Nails and Their Key Uses in Woodworking Projects

Carpenters dealing with woodworking projects need to choose their nails carefully. Several projects need minute detailing, and the nails should be inserted in such a way that they do not spoil the aesthetic appeal of the piece. This is where a brad nail comes in handy. These nails are unique in size and design as they can secure pieces and not mar the looks of the final product. They are generally seen in cabinets and can also be used in trimming and molding. Besides, they have other applications as they are thin in width and are generally available in the market in sizes of 18 and 21 gauge.

Brad nails – The first choice for carpenters in woodworking and DIY projects

Carpenters widely prefer Brad nails because they come with a very thin gauge and generally no heed. Professionals working with woodworking projects often use these nails as they do not have to apply wood putty to cover the head of the nail. One can often mistake them for finish nails; however, they are much smaller in size and bind the wood securely. However, finish nails are generally preferred for binding the wood if they can be used. They come with a head, and in order to cover up the finish nail, carpenters need to apply wood putty.

Brad Nails

Lightweight and ideal for trimming wood

The brad nail is light, and carpenters like to use them for very thin pieces of wood as they do not split the wood. They are used for trimming; however, if the piece can take in a finish nail, carpenters use them over the brad nail. The gauge of the finish nail is thicker than the brad nail, and very thin pieces of wood are used to face the risk of splitting.

Get good quality nails online and have them shipped to your destination

The quality of any woodworking project depends upon the kind of nails you invest in. There are local stores to help you out; however, all of them might not stock the precise nail length and size you need for your project. This is where online stores step in to help. Thanks to the Internet today, some websites stock all kinds of nails for construction and woodworking projects. You can log in to these websites and check out their catalogs before you invest in the right nail you need for any professional or DIY project.

Brad nails can also be found online. You can go through the product range and description to know more about the nail type you want for your project. In case you have any queries or concerns, you can always reach out to the professional customer care executives online to help you. You can choose the nails you need even in bulk. Once you are sure about the nature and the quantity of the nails you require, place your order online and have them shipped to your destination safely!