Decommissioning- A Responsible way Of Saying Good Bye

            A company can wind up its operations or curtail them for various reasons. It is the moral duty of the company to ensure that the unused machinery and the industrial residue do not cause any damage to the environment or plants and animals. At the same time the company would like to squeeze some value out of the unused machinery to regain some of the invested money. Decommission services can help in this case.

Decommission, what it means?

When a large industry shuts down its operations in a city, the need to empty the plant comes to the fore. The process of decommission removes the unneeded machinery and makes plant usable for future endeavours. Again, a company might find that its legacy equipments cannot handle the needs of a changing world. To make way for new machines, the company can order decommissioning of old machinery. The purpose of decommissioning services is to help the company dispose off its assets and at the same time avoid spending too much money to wind up operations or to replace old machinery with new ones.

Various steps are involved in Decommission. Brief explanations of each step are given below.

decommissioning services

  1. Decontamination- This step involves removal of contaminants from the floor, walls and the outer surface of machinery. Companies that deals with hazardous materials should, at the time of winding their business down, take decontamination measures. A company that deals with potentially lethal or toxic materials like Cyanide, Sulphuric Acid, should employ decontamination to make the plant suitable for use in future without nay condition.
  2. Isolation Of Toxic Substances- Industries that produce chemicals or deals with metals generate lots of toxic substances which are harmful to the environment. These companies should make it a priority to use decommissioning services to isolate these hazardous substances and save the environment.
  3. Dismantling – When a legacy machinery fails to meet the expectations of the ever changing needs of the clients, the company can decide to dismantle the machines in a systematic way that does not hamper the productivity of the company. Dismantling is also done when a company shuts down its business.
  4. Selling The Assets – Decommissioning services also involve identification of salable machinery or machine-parts. After that these machinery or parts are advertised on sites like Ebay. In this way a company can regain a part of its invested money.
  5. Waste Disposal – Every industry generates some amount of scrap materials that have no sellability. These items are identified and their removal from the plant takes place.

Decommissioning services, thus, help both the company and the environment. A responsible company should always use decommissioning services not only to clean up the site but also to keep the Earth a safe place to live in.