Harris Kreichman – Email Appending Services and Their Value to Your Business

Email appending refers to a popular marketing practice which business owners use to boost online sales. It involves retrieving information relating to their customers and matching it with their master database. This is necessary to obtain valid customer email addresses before launching new email marketing campaigns. The process starts when the owners hire experts to collect information relating to their customers. These include the buyers’ names, residential addresses, gender, age, mobile numbers, purchasing habits, and existing emails. The professionals compare the information they obtain with the contents of their clients’ master database. They then proceed to edit and update the master database for their clients.

Harris Kreichman – Why should business owners opt for email appending services?

Harris Kreichman is a marketing specialist from America with over two decades of valuable experience in media buying, customer acquisition, email, and digital marketing. He has certifications from many prominent trade associations in the marketing sector of the country. These include Nextmark #1 Top List Manager, Data and Marketing Association, and Association of National Advertisers. Currently, he holds the position of Managing Partner in eTargetMedia, a popular email company in the USA. He is responsible for the corporate enterprise’s phenomenal growth within the industry since its inception. Prior to this, he worked as a Strategic Account Manager in Equifax Marketing Services.

He says business owners often find the customer database they maintain incomplete and inaccurate. Launching an email marketing campaign on the basis of this information will not give them fruitful results. They notice no significant increase in lead generation or online sales despite all their efforts. Hiring a corporate vendor specializing in email appending services can help them avoid this situation. Here professionals will proceed to collect all relevant information relating to their client’s customers. After doing so, they will cross-check with the contents in the business owner’s master file contain and make the corrections needed.

What are the benefits of email appending services for business owners?

He explains business owners enjoy the following advantages when they work with email appending service providers

  1. They can become aware and can exploit new revenue streams;
  2. Email appending service increases organic traffic to their business websites resulting in lead generation;
  3. Business owners incur only a fraction of the cost they normally spend on other advertisement channels;
  4. They can expect instant response and outcome from the customer base to their email marketing campaigns;
  5. Business owners get a better understanding of the demographics and socio-economic conditions of their customers; and
  6. They can easily reconnect to their previous customers while attracting new ones.

Harris Scott Kreichman concludes by saying business owners can expect better results from their marketing campaigns when they opt for email appending services. This is because they will be launching their campaigns on the basis of an updated customer database that gives them better ROI. At the same time, there are no errors in the customer database, and the business can focus on better customer satisfaction services for the growth of their goodwill in the market with success!