Reasons To Use Inventory/Product Tracking Software

Businesses of all sizes, from warehouses to retail establishments, have a significant amount of money locked up in their inventory. Since inventory is an investment, both small and large enterprises must be aware of the current location of the product and the entire supply chain. The largest problem and challenge for the inventory company is the lack of visibility in the supply chain. It may also involve illegal overruns and theft, and when your company has a complicated product distribution chain, these kinds of actions become more common. Consequently, product tracking software now has a function. This type of software enables you to monitor leaks in addition to assisting you in real-time tracking and tracing of your product.

Why this software is helpful for businesses

Because human tracking is out-of-date, prone to error, and takes a lot of time, businesses use software solutions to monitor and track inventory. Software programs that automate inventory tracking and monitoring help businesses save time and money while providing the visibility they require. Businesses that still use some manual inventory monitoring procedures, such as manually entering transactions into a spreadsheet application, lose their competitive edge. On the other hand, businesses that employ barcode labels and RFID tags along with automated inventory tracking procedures almost eliminate any human error in manually tracking inventory.

Utilizing this software also has the benefit of saving you the time and money you would have spent on more traditional tracking methods, which allows your company to be more productive and, in essence, expand even further.

Best product tracking software

You may find a lot of software on the market to meet your tracking needs. We would advise you to use the nabcore solution, which is well-known throughout Asia for its top-notch brand protection and tracking software. By utilizing both technological advancements and conventional methods as a component of an interlocking smart tracking system known as the Asia Brand Protect System, ab core assists organizations in transforming their complex distribution chains into straightforward traceable supply chains.

Characteristics of the software

You may track and pinpoint the precise location of the product you delivered using the heat maps it provides for the product’s location.

In addition to heat maps, it enables you to view the product’s path.

You can generate a special I.D. code using the software. To make sure they are receiving real products for sale, distributors and merchants can scan and validate the goods. Additionally, customers can utilize the distinctive ID to confirm that the goods are authentic.


The best approach to track and trace your inventory is via product tracking software as it saves time money and labor. It assists in enhancing the intricate distribution system and makes the supply chain easily traceable. Nabcore offers the best brand protection and tracking solutions, so you should buy their services if you need a solution for tracking software.