Transaction Delays at a Bitcoin ATM Near Me-What to Do

Imagine a scenario where you feed cash into a bitcoin ATM, and suddenly nothing happens- you do not receive your bitcoin, nor can you take out the cash from the machine- what do should you do next? Experts in the field of bitcoin ATM transactions say that in case such a scenario does happen, do not panic. It can be resolved, and this post will guide you on what to do in case such an incident takes place with you. 

Resolving transaction delays at a bitcoin ATM near me 

Experts suggest that when you find your transaction stuck at a bitcoin ATM, especially when you are selling bitcoin for cash, wait as you cannot do much about it. There are times when the transaction takes a lot of time to get confirmed, but generally, this happens when there is a huge load of pending transactions. With some awareness, you can prevent this case from happening to you.

Choose high priority fees for your transactions to get added into the next block

 Note, there are some operators of bitcoin ATMs that have fixed a pre-defined number of confirmations needed before the user can withdraw cash from their machine. If you wish to get added to the next block and avoid the queue, you should choose high priority fees over normal fees.

What happens if the transaction gets completely stuck?

Most users face this rarely, and it happens when there are network congestion and a very heavy load. A view at the mempool size of the ATM operator, that is, the number of transactions waiting to be approved, will give you an idea of whether there is congestion in the network or not.  They suggest before you go online to look for a bitcoin ATM near me for a transaction, check whether there are priority fees for the transaction to take place as this means the load is heavy and you need to wait. Some ATMs only confirm a certain number of transactions, and you should be aware of this before you visit that bitcoin ATM. If you wish to save money, choose to use the bitcoin ATM during the period when there are no heavy loads. The fees will be normal during this time. This will also guarantee that your transaction will be moved to the next few blocks, and the average time for this transaction to complete will be 20 minutes.

Therefore, if you are a new user of bitcoin ATMs, you should keep the above in mind so that you do not panic in case the transaction comes to a halt. You should take precautions beforehand and choose high priority fees to get quick transactions or wait for a normal load time to ensure the transactions passes smoothly. The number of bitcoin users has increased in the last few years, and so bitcoin operators are setting up more ATMs to cater to this demand. You should search online for a bitcoin ATM near me so that you can easily visit it during the normal load time and carry out your transaction without any tensions at all!