Which company is the best retailer in Singapore?

Do you know about the open electricity market in Singapore? In the year 2017, the EMA which stands for Electricity Market Authority had announced that the OEM will initiate a bid to liberalize as well as encourage innovation in the electric power industry. And after that in the year 2019, all the households in Singapore can select to switch from SP group to their preferred provider of electricity. And now you will find many companies and one of the best providers you can find there are Keppel Electric. The company has around 20 years of experience in the powering electricity grid in Singapore. It is known as one of the best electricity retailer Singapore and is growing better day by day.

Types of plan you can get from the electricity provider in Singapore

As you will find many providers there and below are some types of plans they usually offer to their clients. Most of the OEM retailers usually prefer to offer three types of price plans which are mentioned below:

First is the fixed price plan2

This plan is very similar to the SP group’s plan and in this, you will sign a contract. They will ask you to pay a fixed price for whatever amount of power will be used by you. And that’s why many electricity providers offer this plan.

Second is the discount off regulated tariff plan

In this plan, the price you will pay is pegged to the regulated tariff which is announced by the EMA at a discount. This means that you will pay less than what SP group will charge you for the electricity.

The third is a non-standard plan

In this plan peak and peak type of packages are offered where the electricity provider will charge a higher amount during the peak hours and a low amount during the off-peak.

How can you select the cheapest plan from these?

You can also go by the reviews which are given by various customers or you can make your own decision.

You will get to know more about the customer experience by reading their reviews. You will get more insight into their customer services and billing problems if there. And most importantly you will get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the provider also. This will also help you to know if there are any credit card deals or promotions which you can use to save more. Once you get a clear idea of this and can select a plan then head on over to the provider’s sites and download the respective plans factsheet to read more in detail. As we have mentioned before you can choose Keppel Electric for a better experience.