Earlier, people used to be shy from using braces to treat their problems. Uneven teeth, criss-cross teeth, can lead to low self-confidence when it comes to looks because everyone wants a clean and structured smile. But the cost of such teeth is too high, both economically and mentally. Braces had a significant disadvantage of adding an uninvited look to your face. Thus, the user always had to avoid opening his mouth. How embarrassing! But we have got a solution to your problem as invisible braces singapore.

What are invisible braces?

We all have seen those steel-lined braces adding the robotic look, now is the time of invisible braces whose wires are made of transparent materials, thus avoiding the steel look. These braces add aesthetics to your teeth as they are near to no visibility upon installation. While the traditional braces are still advised for a significant degree of teeth correction, the invisible ones have not aced the list. Yet, they can be used for some common alignment issues such as:

  • Overwide teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Too wide spacing between teeth.

These braces are mainly used for youngsters and adults as they cannot align the baby teeth. Well, the final decision lies in the hands of your dentist what to choose.

invisible braces singapore

Types of braces

Some most used types of invisible braces are clear alignment braces, ceramic made, and inside braces. The ceramic ones are made of your tooth-colored materials than the metal ones and leave no stain behind. The inside aligners are the pro of all that makes the whole dental treatment invisible. But the most preferred of all are the ceramic braces owing to their ease of use and installation; they have to be worn a maximum of 22 hours a day.

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