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How can you find the best authentic Asian restaurant in Melbourne?

Are you travelling somewhere new and would love to fill your tummy with some delicious Asian food? But don’t know where you will find a good Asian restaurant in Melbourne. Do not worry, we have made a list of a few factors that you should probably read through before you travel to Melbourne. What are these factors? Come, let us quickly browse through them.

Some important tips to help you find the best authentic Asian restaurant in Melbourne:

Cheap food doesn’t always mean it will be good: many people have this misconception that to get great Asian food, you need to go to cheap outlets. Well, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, you need to check out restaurants that are fairly priced. Just because a place is cheap it doesn’t guarantee the quality of food it serves. So, make sure you are wise enough while choosing an Asian restaurant while away from home.

asian restaurant in Melbourne

The older lot is usually correct: so, once you have found an authentic Asian restaurant, the next thing you have to worry about is your order. What are you going to choose from the vast menu right in front of you? Well, since you are new to the place, it is advisable to just take a sneak-peak at the people around and decide what you would like to order. You can see what the older people are eating and then opt for it. If the food looks good, then you probably shouldn’t hesitate to call for the same order.

Don’t forget to annoy the staff: you should get comfortable with the waiter so that you can keep asking them about their special dishes and other dishes that are worth trying from their menu. The waiters and locals are a great source of people who can tell you what you should try at their restaurant. Don’t hesitate to ask for opinions and give it a shot as well. Sometimes, you might not like what others have suggested but that would be your experience at the place – some memories that you could take back with you!

Always do a research: no matter where you are going, it is very important that you do a research about the place. So, the same works with restaurants especially if it is the first time you are going to visit it. Take some time off and browse about it over the internet. The more information and reviews you get about the place, staff and food, it will be beneficial for you to judge if it is the right place to go to.

Never hesitate to talk to locals and get more details about the cool places you need to try out when in Melbourne. The locals are the best people who can help you make an authentic food decision for your taste buds!

Cooking With Kids: 5 Reasons To Try It

Imagine havinga child capable of feeding themselves after school or better yet, can treat you to a meal? Getting your kids involved in the kitchen – no matter the age – can teach them valuable life skills while having a lot of fun, and who knows, they may even become a future culinary MasterChef. If your child just so happens to take to cooking check out Chef Works Inc for awesome kids’ clothing for the kitchen. Being able to prepare a meal, even just a sandwich for a friend or themselves, can be a source of pride for a child and build up their confidence.

However, having a 3 year old in the kitchen when you’re trying to get supper on the table in 30 minutes can prolong the process and can bring frustration and impatience into the mix which is not the idea. The idea is to involve the kids when there is no time pressure, starting with baking a sweet treat like cookies is a great idea.

So, to get you inspired, we’ve got 3 reasons to get your kids – young or old – involved in cooking:

  1. Developing the palette

We’re not talking about oysters and caviar, but allowing children to try different ingredients they perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily like being transformed into something delicious, can broaden their ideas of food. When your kids are cooking they are more likely to try the food they’ve helped make rather than pull up their nose at it. It cultivates a sense of openness towards trying new things not only when eating but in life as well.

  1. Chatting About Health

When you invite your child to cook with you, it creates a golden opportunity to bring up topics about health and wellness with regards to food. For example, mentioning that eating fish can make you smarter thanks to fatty acids and the more color the better when eating food, because it prevents you from getting sick.

Once your child becomes familiar with ingredients in cooking it can help make shopping more fun too, rather than being a nuisance in the supermarket. Kids will soon learn that you don’t use canned food because fresh is better and sugar is not necessary to add into what you cook.

  1. Quality time together

When it comes to your kids, there’s nothing more you want as a parent than to develop the bond you share with your child.  If you use family recipes you can teach your child about their grandparents and their heritage which they perhaps have heard of but don’t know what that means. It also can show them that it’s ok to make mistakes sometimes, that they can be forgiven and move on because it will still all turn out alright in the end.