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The most useful jewellery tips for the budget Savvy brides

Your wedding day is the most special day of your life and so you need to make the best preparations possible. But a wedding comes with its own expenses and not everyone is in the position to pay as much money that is required in order to help them.

However if you choose the right tips and tricks then you can get hold of whatever you think will work best for you on your wedding day and then you can just feel and look the best way possible.

The best tips needed for budget savvy brides 

  • One of the best tips is that you can use your family jewellery. On our wedding day we actually inherit a lot of heirloom jewellery so you can actually go and check that out to see if there is anything that you would want to try out from that and it can also save money for you.
  • You should always choose versatile tungsten wedding rings  jewellery because if you choose extremely heavy jewellery then you will invest in it once and then you cannot re use it again so it is extremely important for you to get jewellery that is versatile so you can keep styling it again and again and wear it on different occasions as well.
  • Another thing that can help you save money is when you have a budget. Budget is actually really helpful so if you have a budget and you stick buy it you can actually save a lot of money. When we don’t have a budget we tend to spend more and not realise it so a planned budget is really helpful.
  • Also you can actually use rented jewellery because there is a fully fledged business that works for jewellery that can be used in a rented manner and so if you want you can rent jewellery for yourself instead of buying it because that would be much cheaper.versatile tungsten wedding rings
  • If you just want to get jewellery that is golden colour and not actually gold jewellery then you can just go for gold plated jewellery because that is much cheaper and you don’t have to invest a lot of money in buying the original gold jewellery as that would be a lot more expensive.
  • Hey another thing is that it’s not in a rule book that you always have to go for gold jewellery your extremely expensive jewellery you can actually substitute gold with other metals and try out new metals and that would also look very trendy and stylish.
  • You can also keep in mind the fact that time in scan very will be substituted with pearls and they look as good so if you don’t want to excessively invest and get something that is a diamond then you should get pearls for your wedding jewellery instead as that would save a lot of money.

Wedding day is a great day and an important event in the life of everyone who experiences it. Hence it is extremely important to analyse that you take to write steps when you are getting wedding jewellery for yourself  like titanium rings for mens which are popular nowadays. and use all the important tips and tricks that are required for looking the best on your wedding day.

Ensuring you Get Elegant Wedding Photographs

Everyone wants beautiful pictures of their wedding. They also want maximum joy and smooth logistics. Talking to your photographer will go a long way in making it a simple process for everyone involved. Lack of advanced planning can lead to the frustration of not getting the images you expected. A planned day with the photographer can help make the most of the time and lighting, while balancing everything with the event itself.

The communication is the key.

Start with your right foot from the beginning. When hiring your photographer, start the relationship off right. By discussing the photographer’s style and approach to the wedding day, you can learn a lot about the photographer as a person. Of course, you will want to appreciate their work by viewing their images. Even in the wedding photojournalism genre, there are a number of approaches. A photographer’s photography philosophy, as well as a number of other factors related to the venue, time of day, and style of the event, can significantly affect the look of your wedding day photos and your maximum satisfaction.

Most wedding photographers look for good natural and ambient light. You should take this into account when choosing a location. In dark places with little natural light, the photographer has no choice but to use direct flash. This can sometimes make photography impossible in a dark church, especially if the church does not allow flash photography, which is very likely.

There is often resistance to the photographer in a church or synagogue. This is because in order for the indian wedding photographer to get the images he wants, the photographer has to move and this is considered a distraction. Many photographers will offer packages with two photographers taking photos, and this is an excellent situation for a team of photographers to use. With two photographers, you get two perspectives, and it also reduces the photographer’s movement.

You will need to consider the traffic in the area where you are getting married and the time it will take to get to your transportation. With a wedding dress, flowers, veil, and shoes, you may need a little more time to get in and out of the car. If your wedding is taking place in a location you are unfamiliar with, speak to someone on site to get a real feel for how it feels to move around the area as well as the parking situation.


You may have opted for a photojournalist, documentary-style wedding photography, but still want to do portrait sessions or “gala events.” The wedding day is also an important day in family history. People get together and it doesn’t happen every day. Advanced planning is very important to ensure there is time to get these photos.

Best Wedding Tips From Wedding Planners in Toronto

On Valentine’s Day, your loved one proposed and delighted you with a romantic evening and a beautiful engagement ring. We wish you all the best for your marriage!

You and your fiancée may have opted not to want a long period of marriage, but are ready to continue your married life now instead. You should schedule a romantic and stylish wedding in three months or less, whether you’ve been cohabiting or just hate waiting a long time and want to say your “I do’s” as soon as possible.

Please bear in mind that you probably won’t get the highly sought-after wedding venue that has a waiting period of 12 months, but you can still pull off a beautiful wedding and share it with your friends and family.

Best Wedding Tips From Wedding Planners

Tip # 1: Arrange a meeting with wedding planner in Toronto

Wedding and event planner in Toronto will help you handle the basics:

         Selecting an Officiant

         Size of the Event


         Setting a Date

         Choosing the Entertainment

         Finding Wedding Vendors, and More!

         Destination Weddings

Since you’re in a rush to get married, it’s a good idea to have more than one option for each object, as you may not have a first choice. Instead, you’ll want to make at least three different options listed accordingly.

Wedding and event planner in Toronto

Tip # 2: Get invites to wedding sent to ASAP

Whether you’re going for a time period of 2 to 3 months, there’s time to get invites to the paper wedding in the mail. Another great choice will be to use Paperless Post to automatically build and submit digital invitations.

Rather than ask for an RSVP via the postal service, request guests email you instead. You can create an email account just for your wedding RSVPs. If you are really anxious to tie the knot and want to get married in a month, send out digital invitations instead and request an email RSVP.

Alternatively, you might set up a wedding website and have a page on your website where invitees can RSVP. You can not only track RSVPs, but you can also use the website to connect with your guests, such as offering directions to your location.

Tip # 3: Don’t forget to book wedding gifts!

In all the hustle and bustle of getting things done, take a little time out and complete a few different gift registries. Most retailers offer online registration, so you and your fiancée can do them from the comfort of home if you do not have time to go to the actual stores.

Tip #4: Apply for your wedding license

Should not wait until your wedding week for this to happen. You want to apply for it a month ahead of time. If you have given the wedding license you have 30 days to get it signed, licensed, and recorded.

Tip #5: Choose your wedding dress

You can need your wedding planner ‘s help with locations that can easily supply you with a wedding dress, because some bridal shops only have “show” dresses so it may take about six months to get one.

There are other shops with quicker turn-around times, however, as well as designers who may probably be available to make your dress custom. Aside from buying one, there are rental options with the tuxedo, if timing is a issue.

For more tips and assistance in planning a wedding quickly, please feel free to contact the certified wedding planners in Toronto at Designed Dream at (647) 282-0332 now! We can even provide the entertainment!

How to choose your life partner?

Finding someone who will make you happy for the rest of your life is no easy task. Over the course of our daily lives, we meet hundreds, even thousands, of people. From them, it is necessary to choose the right spouse to live a happy married life. There are many factors one must consider when choosing a life partner.

The most important thing is to consider what matters to you. Take your time, spend time with your friends and family and also take care of yourself to make a good decision. Here is how you can choose your perfect one and what to look for in that person.

    • Character – When you are seeking for a guy or girl for making him or her as your future mate, the first thing that you have to consider is the character and personality of that person. It is good to consider a person who is a benevolent or kind-hearted one.
  • Similarity – It is a fact that people get drawn to others who are behaving like them. Therefore, it is recommended to prefer someone who shows a lot of things in common with you over individuals who are different from you.

موقع زواج مجاني

  • Education and intelligence – Another good factor to pay attention to when searching for a good life partner is choosing someone who has great intelligence as well as education. By choosing a literate guy or girl, you can achieve everything you desire in your life. As you both can go for a job and this will help you in leading your family well.
  • Similar religion – When you are thinking to choose one from the same religion and culture as yours, you can definitely find one. There will be no difficulty in finding your spouse to be, as there are several موقع زواج مجاني on the internet. In these sites, when you provide your details and condition, you will be able to get a list of individuals instantly. From them, you can simply pick one without much effort.
  • Reliability – When it comes to relationships, trustworthiness is the major point that can help you in leading a happy life. It is recommended for you to go for choosing a reliable one as your partner. As he or she will never leave you in any aspect of your life, no matter how low or high your situation might be.
  • Physical attraction – Physical beauty is also a crucial point when it comes to life. When your partner is not physically attractive, you will not be ready to make love. Which will lead to an unhealthy relationship and also you should be clean and neat. And so your partner will be attracted and love you.

When you keep all these points in your mind, it is easy for you to find the right life partner in a short time.

A guide to wedding guest outfit etiquette

The guests too have to look good on the day

It’s not only the bride and groom who have to look amazingly good on the big day, but wedding guests also must put their hearts and souls into choosing outfits they will feel comfortable, yet stylish in. Being the best dressed among the party is certainly something to aspire to, but it’s essential that you don’t upstage the bride by wearing all white or turning more than a few heads, otherwise your friendship could end up as history.

A dress teamed with high heels is always a safe option, but trousers are often viewed as too formal, and there is a danger you could be mistaken as a server at meal time. A dress doesn’t have to be plain or ordinary. There are so many different styles that suit so many body shapes now, and if you have the figure, why not flaunt it?

There was a time when black and white was seen as a definite no-no at weddings, but as fashion evolves, so too does personal choice. Now it seems that nothing is off limits, so black and white could make an excellent choice for a winter wedding. If you do choose to go down the monochrome route, make sure you accessorise with a bright handbag or a bold necklace. so too does personal choice. Now it seems that nothing is off limits, so black and white could make an excellent choice for a winter wedding. If you do choose to go down the monochrome route, make sure you accessorise with a bright handbag or a bold necklace.

Find a dress you feel comfortable yet fabulous in

It’s all about finding the perfect outfit that you will feel confident and relaxed in and there is a wide range of wedding guest dresses available from wedding guest dresses. Find your signature look, or you could be more daring with a dash of colour this summer.

According to the Daily Mail, celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West broke wedding etiquette by turning up late for a wedding and were forced to watch the ceremony from the sidelines.

The most important advice, however, is never to wear all white as this will direct attention away from the bride. It’s considered rude and unnecessary to do this, so make sure you don’t go dressed all angelic. Couples may have different opinions when it comes to wedding outfit etiquette. Couples may have different opinions when it comes to wedding outfit etiquette. If you are in doubt as to what you should wear, do ask the bride or groom what they consider to be an appropriate outfit for their special day.

What Is Better Than A Limo? Get A Hummer Stretch Limo!

Hiring A limousine service says a lot about how serious you are about a proposal, a business trip, or the affairs of the heart. There is nothing classier than hiring a limousine to ferry your visitors around the city. However, limousines are not just about being classy and feeling rich. Limousines give that extra special bonus on an equally special occasion such as an anniversary, an important business meeting, hummer limousines for weddings, or just simply making someone feel special. But could there be a ride that is even more special than a stretch limo? Why get a bigger limousine of course and nothing could be bigger than an actually stretched hummer SUV limo! Let us take a look at why this kind of limousine is the only limousine service you should ever get. 

A Limousine On Steroids

If you think a stretch limousine is luxurious, then double or triple that experience because that will be what you will experience when you get a stretched hummer limousine. Not only will it be bigger but it will even be more luxurious. An already special vehicle made even more special. Riding in one will absolutely make your ride even more unforgettable.

hummer limousines for weddings

A Safer Limousine

Because of its size, an SUV is already one of the safest vehicles without modification that you can get into in the roads today. Making that an even bigger vehicle by stretching it certainly upgrades that vehicles safety rating. Imagine riding in all that plushness and comfort and all at the same time being inside one of the safest vehicles on the road today. Most Limousine services offer a personal and designated driver for their vehicles, so you can just relax and enjoy the luxury. Being in safe transportation, you can focus all your energies on your spouse or your colleagues whatever the special occasion may be,

Is Actually Relatively Cheaper

A stretch hummer limo has more space and can easily fit 15-20 people in relative comfort and style. So Instead of hiring 2 or more regular limousines, just one stretch hummer limo can actually do the job.

Create That Long Lasting Impression

Getting a limousine for a special occasion is already one of the most unforgettable experiences one can have. Making that limo into a stretch hummer limousine will definitely raise the bar higher for leaving lasting impressions on important people and occasions in your life.

Keeping Everyone Together

For those large gatherings, like a family reunion or an exclusive office party, you can be sure to always stay in a group if you hire a stretched hummer limo. Enjoy the company while in the lap of luxury. 

Say Goodbye To Road Rage

Stress from other drivers on the road will surely ruin any mood you might be cultivating before going to any event or occasion. Having your own personal driver and vehicle certainly takes care of that, so you and your buddies arrive fresh and ready to do whatever it takes to win the deal or to party hard. It is very hard to feel angry at all when you are being treated like a VIP, right?