Reason To Take Admission In IGCSE Schools In Singapore

The IGCSE curriculum is similar to that of Singapore’s secondary school, except that pupils here take the Singapore Cambridge GCE ‘O’ Level exams.

The Cambridge IGCSE and the Pearson Edexcel GCSE are two of the most widely used tests today.

Offered all around the world and set a standard for evaluation, achievement, and recognition that is recognized by international universities, educational institutions, and companies.

Where is IGCSE accepted and recognized?

The IGCSE is a well-known qualification. It is equivalent to the UK’s GCSE in terms of admitting students to institutes of higher education and employment.

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GCE O Level and UK GCSE are comparable to IGCSE.

IGCSE is well-known among foreign schools all around the world.

IGCSEs are regarded as reliable records of achievement that can be used to get admission to universities and colleges all over the world.

Almost all UK universities, as well as many in the US, Canada, and Australia, recognize a good grade (i.e. C or above) in IGCSE English as a Second Language as evidence of adequate English language competency.

For students aged 14 to 17, IGCSE is designed to be taught as a two-year course. IGCSE courses are only one year long in some countries, and there are no formal age restrictions.

Why take admission to IGCSE Singapore?

IGCSEs are the most widely accepted international qualifications for students aged 14 to 17. They serve as a springboard to further education or professional courses in your native country or abroad. They can assist you with:

  • Obtain admission to a college or university in the United States or overseas.
  • Improve your career prospects
  • Pass language tests if you want to emigrate or study in another country.
  • Develop abilities that will enable you to live a more adventurous and prosperous life.
  • There are almost 70 disciplines to pick from, ranging from arithmetic to English. Subjects available differ according to your school, country, and exam board.

Every year, the British Council assists almost two million people in taking international exams. We can help you with anything from course selection to exam registration. A Grade C in IGCSE English, for example, is frequently sufficient to meet the language requirements of various colleges in English-speaking countries.

The British Council simplifies the entire examination process. After all, we assist two million people each year in taking foreign tests. Here are a few things to keep in mind with IGCSEs.


IGCSEs (International GCSEs) allow you to pick the route of study that is best for you. Your chosen subjects should correspond to your job objectives or educational plans. So you can enroll your children in igcse singapore to prepare them for the future.