University of Phoenix: What You Should Know If You’re Considering a Certificate Program

If you’re considering a certificate program, it’s likely because you’re interested in a specific field of study. Maybe you’re an EMT and want to learn more about technology in healthcare. Or maybe you’re a marketer and want to learn more about data analytics. Whatever your field, a certificate can help you become a more effective employee. University of Phoenix wants you to have all the facts before you enroll in a certificate program.

The Basics of Certificate Programs

A certificate program usually takes multiple months to complete, depending on the subject matter. This is different from a certification. A certificate is earned through an academic institution like University of Phoenix while a certification is granted through a third-party organization within a given industry.

Students usually sign up for a certificate if they want to enhance their knowledge in their chosen careers or if they are planning to pursue a different career path entirely. Employers like to see certificates on a resume because they show that a candidate is willing to invest in their skill sets. They’re going above and beyond to understand the field better, which is always a good sign. Certificates may have a positive effect on your earnings and can even inspire you to sign up for more programs to sharpen your skills even further.

Stay Relevant

The world is always going to change, no matter how stable your industry might be. Even the most notoriously traditional economic sectors have started to shift with the times. Steven Starks, the senior manager of Career Counseling Programs & Operations for University of Phoenix, said that certificates are a way to keep up with what’s going on around you. They provide insight that you can use to make smarter decisions on the job.

A Chance Worth Taking

There are times when a professional will be unsure of what they want to do. Certificate programs provide a glimpse into a different career path for many people, which is often enough to help them make a more permanent decision. Not only is it less time than a traditional degree program, but it’s also less expensive.

Starting a Discussion

Starks will tell you that it’s time to get off the internet when you’re serious about a new career path. Talking to people, asking what their days are like, gathering more stories: this is the way to find out what you’re really signing up for. A certificate program can be a significant step in the process, opening you up to a new network and more opportunities.

No matter what you end up doing, it’s rare you’ll regret getting a certificate. If nothing else, it can teach you more about what you don’t want, so that you can end up in the right career.

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