Six ways that watching TV can make you happy

There is a reason that television watching is a pastime shared by billions. It is fun, especially at this time of the year, when dark, cold evenings make you want to curl up on the sofa. What makes television so enjoyable? Here are just a few important aspects:


The excitement begins even before you start watching. You can look forward to your favourite shows, or something new. When you have seen something on the schedule and are waiting for it to arrive, it can bring a real sense of anticipation.


Casual browsing of the television can reveal all sorts of surprises. Who knows what new shows are lurking within a click of your remote?

Zone out

Alternately, you could put the remote down and tune in to a channel with relaxing shows. Let yourself sink into something and let the rest of the world disappear for a few hours.


Some people may scoff at this idea, but watching adverts can be as much fun as watching shows. Just think of the anticipation that accompanies the John Lewis Christmas offering. A great advert will be enjoyable to watch even if the product is not to your interest.

Shared experience

Watching television together is a way to become closer to loved ones. Even when relationships are strained, it can be a low-stress activity that provides something neutral for you to talk about. The long tradition of watching television as a family may have eroded in recent years, but it can still be important to relationships.

Criticism and reviews

Television does not have to be limited to what you watch on the screen. That can simply be a jumping point for a more in-depth discussion later. Read reviews, join online forums and generally become more aware of the complexities involved in each programme.

As television is such a source of joy for all the family, you want to make sure your television and aerial are installed and working correctly. If you are looking for Bath TV aerial installation or repair, you could try to keep your television and other equipment at its best.

Watching television shouldn’t be your only hobby, but in moderation, it is a proven to increase your happiness in a variety of ways. You shouldn’t dismiss watching television as a worthless pursuit.