Tools that movies use to get you scared

Horror movies are a great hit with many people. The act of pulling in a pillow while watching screaming girls and mauled zombies is fun. More so watching it in a dark room on putlocker with lights all switched-off.

The actually filming sets are not that horrifying though and directors usually use certain tools to create the horror impact. Of course, the actors and background play a great role in creating the horror effect, but some tips and tricks are used in the final edit to add to it.

Here is a list of few tricks used in horror movies to get you scared

1-    Sound effect

Horror movies would never seem as scary without all the sound effects added to the background and adjusted to the right time. Sound effects play a great role in adding that tinge of shock or utter discomfort to the audience.

2-    Mirrors

Mirrors are an all-time hit with horror movie directors. We are not unfamiliar with ghosts and ghouls suddenly appearing in mirrors. This is because mirrors act as an object that signifies the unknown. You don’t know what would appear in them.

3-    Infrasound

Infrasounds are very low pitched sounds that are inaudible to the ear but still felt by the human body. These sounds cause irritation and unsettlement and have been used by directors to instill a sense of disturbance in the audience in many horror movies.

4-    Tight frames

Tight frames refer to the zoom-ins of the camera. These zoom-ins that concentrate on one character tend to put the watcher in the shoes of the character where he does not know whats behind him. It adds to the suspense and works as a good jump scare.

5-    Irregular Movements

Any movement out of the regular is considered irregular and people often tend to get disturbed when observing such movements. Ghosts aside, even humans walking or moving in an irregular pattern causes the watcher to feel uncomfortable. So directors often use this technique to capture their audience.

Using these techniques horror movie directors get into the psychic of the audience and create the necessary suspense and fear they want. Horror movies watched in the cinema are captivating but they have another thrill when watched on a movie website like putlocker. That’s because you can crawl into your bed sheets and get scared as much as you want without feeling embarrassed.

So it all comes down to the director tricks in the end. A good director will use the right tools in the right manner to get the necessary outcome. That’s how you get a good horror movie.