The Accessories Every Man Needs To Own

Women have been accessorizing successfully for many years, but they do not have a monopoly on it. Savvy men know clever accessories can also be a great addition to their own wardrobe.

Choose carefully, and you can make a few select pieces highlight your current outfits.


Having a bag with you not only means you can carry your keys, wallet, and phone charger; it’s also a great way to style your whole outfit. A messenger bag or satchel is a good place to start or opt for a rucksack if that’s more your style. You’ll even have space for a laptop or other tech! Think about how you will use a bag and work from there.


A quality wallet is one of the most important accessories for any man. The leather is good, durable option that will age well, and it tends to be pretty multi-purpose. If you have a quality wallet from the start, it will cover you from the office through a rowdy night out. A classic model with a zip closure is a good starting point.


Clothes aren’t accessories; they are accessorized. Think of belts and hats here. You wouldn’t ruin a look with a shabby belt, for example, and men’s designer jackets from online retailers like E J Menswear will look even sharper with the right belt beneath them. You can change an outfit complete with the belt and dress it up or down with woven or leather options. Pick a neutral colour and make sure it complements your trousers. It should also match your shoes, so pair a brown belt with brown shoes.

Hats are not one-style-suits-all, so even if you see one you like, you’ll need to try it on to see if it works with your face shape and the shape of your head. What works on your mates won’t necessarily do the same for you, no matter how much you want it to. Men are wearing hats a lot more regularly, but be aware that many people will consider it rude for men to wear hats indoors.

For more suggestions on completing the essential accessories for your look, see the ideas at Men’s Fitness.

Finally, consider a really good watch. For many, a watch is the ultimate accessory and potentially an heirloom, so look at it as an investment.