Tips For Muslim Women To Spice Up Their Wardrobe!

Aren’t you completely bored of the traditional Muslim clothing? Everything that you own is in black and all look just the same. This makes shopping no fun. No one notices the ne burqa you buy because it looks just the same as the old one- black and covered. There may be a detail or two different but that doesn’t jazz up your wardrobe at all.

So, in today’s article I would help you dress modestly in abayas and dresses. This way you can glam up your look a little more but at the same time you also get to be traditional. This time when you go shopping or are getting ready keep these tips in mind and your style quotient will definitely go up a notch.

  • Long tunics- women often opt for a burqa or an abaya. While they are very traditional and preferred by many women that is not what wee focussing on today. Long tunics can be a perfect clothing option. We all know tunics are very similar to an abaya. They are available in all sorts of sleeve lengths. So you can buy whatever you think looks good on you. You can team them up with leggings and also tie a khimar over your head if you may like.
  • Midi dresses- if you think about it burqas are very similar to a midi dress. Just that burqas are black in colour and not much can be done with it. so, if you are comfortable with the idea of a burqa, the idea of a midi dress shouldn’t bother you either. You could get yourself a loose fitted midi dress and team it with a dupatta.

  • The head veil- you can do something fun and playful with your head veil. Go for a nice fabric or something with a nice print or lace on them. This will definitely make your outfit much more colourful. So even if you are wearing a simple abaya and you team it up with a playful head scarf, your look would be different than the regulars.
  • Long tops- many women choose to wear salwar kameez. For such women, i would like to suggest long tops. The tops come up to below your thighs almost to your knees. You can team it up with leggings or a loose fitted pant to complete the look. And also use a scarf or a matching dupatta to make the look even more modest.
  • Long skirts or loose pants- you could wear a loose top and team it up with a pair long skirts or pants- they look super cool and are very comfortable. Or, you could wear long shirts with pants and skirts and you might want to use a waist belt to complete the look.

So, now you know a few ways to spice up your wardrobe. Also, you could buy fashionable abayas online because the online stores have tons of varieties and styles and are traditional at the same time.