The crypto currency earn bitcoin started in the year of 2008 and is developed by much unknown person whom the people used to as satishi nakamoto in year of 2009.This us formed initially as software No one initially knows the Bitcoin. Few countries like japan, Australia and other countries are dealing with Bitcoin now days. There are few regulations given for Bitcoin usage by the government regarding tax pay and to control the currency. The computer file is a Bitcoin usually stored in a computer based wallet known as digital wallet in phones and computers.


People can make transactions with Bitcoin through this wallet to other people. There is a list calked as block chain where every transaction is saved and stored. There are few rules to obey Bitcoin crypto currency. Usually this Bitcoin payment us not accepted anywhere. This is so important for everyone to afford the money for goods and services of products. There is a possibility with Bitcoin that is both online and offline. But among many merchants very few people accept Bitcoin, but along with it more over they accept gold and other practices.

earn bitcoin

By mining also we can gain crypto currency with no change in cost of the product. Fir miners the Bitcoin comes as price amount and these transactions are verified once and are added in block chain. First time erik initially bought one thousand dollar worth rupees in Bitcoin and later on at age of twelve years in year 2011 each coin price is ten to twelve dollar rupees.

Amazon Company doesn’t accept Bitcoin as payment method but instead of it accepts gift cards. The gift cards in amazon are almost equal to American dollars and they are also useful to buy products with equal price rate on it. The reward ay is option help full to pay the money with Bitcoin. As we all know Bitcoin is a crypto currency and no physical attachments are present with it. Only digital transaction is present in Bitcoin with no cash form exchange.

There us high rusk in losing the capital income along with low payment option for Bitcoin as it mist useful for everyone to pay. We can also make money with use of Bitcoin as us completely online we can make transactions accordingly. If you go with trading with Bitcoin then you can surely win a lot of money and can become a millionaire. The best option for online currency us Bitcoin.