Common issues faced by college students

College time is full of fun and frolic and along with it comes lots of study pressure and distance from parents too. It is the time when you can take your career in the right direction and also make fond memories that would last your lifetime. But student life in college is not filled with all happiness and there are lots of situations that students have to handle which were not in school.

Here are some common issues that college students struggle with. For more information visit their website:

  1. Time management: College comes with lots of activities. There is a lot more to study and the number of extracurricular activities also increases. Students have to keep aside some time with friends and enjoyment too. In addition to that, there are tuition classes or part time jobs for which students must spare some time. This leads to a lot of stress and mental pressure on students.
  2. Debt: costs of study is increasing continually and in addition college students must pay for housing, supplies, meals, books and transportation. In addition to that, for partying with friends you need to have money. All these expenses lead to unmanageable debt. As a result many students end up doing jobs or drop out from college. As students cannot manage their finance well, they end up struggling in the web of debts.
  3. Spreading yourself too thin: most students who do not have proper financial backup of parents, end up doing jobs and this makes them less focused on their academics. As a result, they get bad grades, poor jobs and this leads to a lot more stress in their lives. They do not get enough sleep, proper food and physical exercises. This makes way for lots of mental and physical health issues.
  4. Homesickness: as college students are staying away from their home and parents for the first time mostly they get homesick. Freshers suffer a lot more as there is lack of parental guidance and an increase in pressure of studies and altogether a new living environment.
  5. Depression: because of changing lifestyle, many students cannot handle it positively and maturely and this leads to a high stress level. This can lead to emotional lows and contributes to depression in the long run.
  6. Health issues: Poor diet, increase in the intake of junk foods and energy drinks, lack of sleep, study pressure and no time for exercising makes them prone to health issues. Living in quarters with other students also poses health risks and this can increase the chances of a student’s contracting illnesses.
  7. Social problems: making new friends and connections and socializing can be tough for some students.

These are some of the challenges that college students struggle with.