Why MT4 is loved by many traders

The MetaTrader4 (MT4) is by far the most common forex exchange platform. It is one of the complete trading platforms with several attributes, indices, etc. But the MT4 had not been initially created in this way since day one. In our previous paper about this forum, we clarified that it began in 2000 with a basic chart, and over the years, it developed step by step.

The MT4 was released in 2005; while this iteration was somewhat close to the one we’re currently using, there have been several changes since then, as well as many functions and indicators. Nowadays, I wonder if any Forex trader did not hear about the MT4 platform. What makes this forum the most popular?

Baby moves were taken at the time by online retail trading (ORT) and when the edition of MT4 was published in 2005, ORT was not generally accessible to the general public. It was therefore restricted to providers of trading platforms. The benefits of being one of the first in the market, as a new product, greatly exceed the drawbacks. Naturally, the original idea could not be explicit, and you must pave the path for yourself without an adviser. All future buyers can come to your product without any other alternative. The ordinary dealer now has several sites, but almost every trader has either demo or live trading proved his MT4. The product’s familiarity has its positives and pitfalls.

MT4 is free

As discussed below, the MT4 ranks first in any other platform, but other systems compete. In many ways. However, it could charge fees for this platform or app. The MT4 is free of charge for traders; this is superior to more advanced goods. After all, the account should still be funded in cash.

Numerous features

One of the significant factors why MetaTrader4 was viral at its first release in 2005 is the number of characteristics.These features are now an industry norm, but the rivalry was uncommon at the period, and the significant parts of the MT4 were absent in other platforms. However, the business did not stay there and regularly offered new functionality.

MT4 is free

It comprises a news section, signals section, a single click trading, and other trading resources.

Easy to use, even for beginners

Once traders go online, their main focus should be to overcome the competition and profit.

It is hard to succeed every day, and a dynamic trading network will worsen matters. Simplification of the trading platform is also necessary. The MT4 has all the functionality and indications you like, which is easy and convenient to work around. On the left, you have the icons and the rates. On the right, you have the charts, metrics, and other elements. The trading and adaptation capability with a one-click mechanism has made it easy to use.

Programming language MQL4

The MT4 platform’s programming language is a crucial feature. It has encouraged the design and deployment of trade robots and expert advisors (EA) indicators for merchants, programmers, and third-party participants. Apart from the EAs and indicators provided by MetaQuotes Corporation, thousands of third-party robots and hands that were exclusively developed for the MT4 are now available. In addition to EAs and metrics, traders have produced scripts that can execute those functions. An example is screenshots from just a small portion of the charts containing the indicator or hands that delete all the charts.

Easy to customize

Customizability is a vital function since it saves traders lots of valuable time to open all the charts and position all the indicators to their taste. Anything in your MT4 can be personalized. You can arrange the display of windows, change the charts, enter all types of internal and external indicators, arrange the symbols in your preferred order and easily switch to an account. All these changes can be saved, and it will appear as it was at the last moment you shut down the platform the next time you open it.


That sounds paradoxical, but it is meaningful. If a commodity gets more common – a new customer may be obtained. The MT4 appears everywhere if you are looking for a trading platform on the internet. This platform contains a lot of literature, and word of mouth is also an essential aspect of its marketing. It is not hard for the terms to spread beyond inter and intra-trading parties, with so many users already using MT4.

A series of new features were introduced by this MetaTrader4 platform, which was a leading player in the industry. It has a reputation for its customizability, comprehensibility of the programming language, safety, server stability, and minimal running resources. And the basic trader got all this free of charge. The MT4 was not, however, a blue market standard. It is why it has become so popular, with continual updates and new features that are implemented periodically to maintain its high standing.