Do Not Lose that Look of Yours

Whether you are eating at a fine dining restaurant or a fast food chain, maybe even a small cafeteria orf some sort it is always best to look good and proper. And by that, always care about your It does not matter what you are taking in, the way you look as you eat will reflect on how people see you. And that includes the way you eat dim sum.

Here are some tips on how you can eat dim sum without having to ruin your image in a restaurant filled with people.

Chopsticks are for Your Eyes Only

Well, not exactly the eyes, but you know what that means. There is no need to serve your dining mates food using your own chopsticks. Obviously, people would not want to share something that came from your mouth. There are always servers around to help you get a new set of chopsticks for serving. Do not ever play with your chopsticks, whatever you want to do with them, do not do it if it is not used to get food.

Come Back for More, Just Do Not Order More Than You Can Eat

Only order dishes that you believe will satisfy you. If you are not yet pleased then order some more. And it would be much better not bring them home, the flavors changed when heated in a microwave.

Do Not Depend on Soy Sauce

It depends on your preference on whether or not you want your soy sauce a little bit more spicy or salty. But kitchens have already prepared their seasoned dim sum so there is no need to fret. That makes sure that the dim sums, on their own, are seasoned well. But again, different people have different tastes in what they want. 

Secrets Revealed

If you tap your index and middle finger on the table twice, that is a sign that you are thankful. The gesture represents a bow. If you would like some more tea or hot water, simply move the lid of the teapot aside and a server will refill it for you.

Small Bites Do Not Hurt Anyone

Eating one whole dim sum in a gulp can be tempting, especially when it is still a little bit hot. But nibbling on it would do much better. You will be able to taste the flavor even better when you eat it slowly. When eating these types of food, best to blow a little bit before you consume it. Some, to their excitement, end up burning their mouths after one big gulp.

The Spoon Has More than One Purpose

It should not be rocket science. You must know that the spoon can also support your food. Yes, you can still use your chopsticks to eat the edible portions as you remove the bone. Bite off the meatier parts before finishing your way around the bone. Dispose of the bone on your plate and you are good to go for another round. Fine dining restaurants give you new plates after each course, while stalls do not really mind how you eat.

So there you have it. Etiquette for how you can still keep that wonderful face of yours while eating the best dim sums in John Anthony Cantones Grill and Dim Sum. Happy eating!