Red Prawn Durian Singapore – Track down Fresh and Frozen Red Prawn Durian in Singapore

Kungfu Durian

Kungfu Durian is controlled by durians darlings such as yourselves, subsequent to encountering long stretches of being over-accused of low-quality durians, managing unscrupulous durian merchants, eating durians under hot and unhygienic circumstances. They concluded that that’s it, durian sweethearts ought not be reluctant about dismissing low quality durians, they ought to appreciate quality durians at sensible and straightforward costs under a favourable climate and pleasant vibe while having a holding meeting with our friends and family. Best red prawn durian singapore can be found here at Kungfu Durian.

How ‘Red Prawn’ Durian Got its Name?

‘Red prawn’ durians neither taste like prawns nor are they in any capacity connected with fish. Then again, they have a marginally pinkish variety and bended shape that looks like cooked shrimp.

These durians share numerous similitudes to D13 durian. They are self-contradicting and have a tacky and gooey surface. Yet, what makes the red prawn durian one of a kind is its tone. They are a lot rosier than the last option. Their husks are likewise browner and have more modest and more keen tips.

red prawn durian singapore

Assuming that you are searching for the best red prawn durians in Singapore, you have shown up at the right site since Kungfu Durian have just the best of the best.

From red prawn durians to others like Musang King, they offer them at the most serious costs. As durian darlings ourselves, they need to spread the delight that the lord of natural products has brought into our lives.

Why Eat Yummy Red Prawn Durian?

The principal durian that strikes a chord would presumably be Mao Shan Wang or D13 as you can find them in heaps of pastries from durian cake to durian pengat. Yet, don’t pass up the red prawn species! Not at all like other durian species, red prawn is significantly better. You would be shocked just by how particular the sweet flavour is. On the off chance that you are wanting to involve their durians for sweets, why not check red prawn durian out and scale back other added sugars? All things considered, let the sweet kind of the tissue dominate.


Kungfu Durian is the best in Singapore if you are looking for red prawn durian as it is made in love keeping in mind the customers who love it so much and only want more of it in their mouth with each bite tasting exactly same as the last one.