Modern War fare Hacks – Futuristic Warfare Strategy

Why the game rocks:

     The following the pros of the game which gives a real time game play for the user

  • Futuristic settings, with modern improvements in the settings
  • Realistic dash with accurate gunplay, attention to details, enhanced sound effects, improved graphics
  • One can attach the gun like optics, grenade launcher and lasers, barrels and stock too
  • Customize a gun correctly to look like another gun
  • Cinematic campaign, horrors or war displays, campaign cut scenes are also well made, which feels like watching a movie on the go
  • The ending leaves an individual eyes wide open
  • Enhanced voice acting
  • Bullet control one shot to one kill
  • No more micro transaction gambling
  • Some maps are fantastic to interact with
  • HUD makeup makes multiplayer more immersive and harder to cope up with
  • Kill streaks have returned with copper gunner, emergency air drop and many more
  • Three lane map is well organized with ability to interact with doors having two story buildings

Cons of the Game

  • Gritty and cinematic campaign is controversial
  • Good job being gritty but sometimes but it fails by showing war in a more realistic way
  • Some weapons are over powered most notoriously designed
  • Campaign may fell to bland at times and repetitive
  • In some cases, map designs are poorly designed
  • Crappy maps make public matches nearly unplayable and hard to win
  • Game is a nightmare on technical side of things
  • Co-op operations also become completely forgotten in couple of seasons
  • Few wall clips, some executions are buggy animations
  • Call-outs are too loud which can actually be heard by the enemies in real life
  • The new modes itself lacks some amount of enhancement
  • The game needs to be registered for some modes
  • Some mechanics are highly inconsistent which makes the user vulnerable to the kill.

Controversies in the Game:

The Modern Warfare Hacks game has been widely criticizing for inclusions of white phosphorus in the multi-player mode with the game play mechanics which created a controversy as the international law prohibit the use of incendiary weapons against or near civilian areas.Some critics has pointed out realistically portray of substance which is near sighted glorification which is contrary to their overall goals towards campaign which is in realistic way. The inclusion of phosphorus is killing streak reward in multiplayer and included in the negative aspects of the game which is much more to seen the game.


The game shows the way for real time game play after all it is a game which gives keep the players nerves and adrenaline on the go for good game play.