PES 2019 is the Only Video Game for Footy Fans

Konami PES 2019 will be released on PES, XBOX 360, Wii and PC this fall and will give FIFA 19 a chance to make money this year if we want to believe the rumors on the Internet. The PES franchise has been around for 16 years and has gone through much iteration in both the title and the style of the game, so what makes Pro Evolution Soccer so popular?

If you live in North America, most likely, if you are not a fan of football, this event will simply bypass you, but if you live in the rest of the world, more specifically in Europe, then, like everyone else, the PES fans knows that the football season begins in August, but you can play your own fantasies only in October, when the latest and best version of PES will appear in video game stores.

It all started in the days of video games, in fact in 1996, when Goal Storm was launched on the PlayStation. Since then, PES has gone through several naming conventions, and the latest update will be called PES 2019. It will go hand in hand, as it has been for the past 16 years with Electronic Arts (EA) and its masterpiece – FIFA. In fact, there are only two games that compete for the players’ money each year, and, in any case, that makes the competition even tougher.

You see that two games collided with each other year after year, and this year PES has the opportunity to return to the top. For the past 5 or 6 years, he has been languishing in part because of complacency, as well as FIFA’s revival and absolute brilliance.

The facts of the matter are your honor; 

FIFA (which means International Football Federation), as the name implies, is an officially approved football game, which means that the game comes with the names of real players, team names, football kits, competition names and stadiums. PES never had these rights and should have depended on the editing mode and the ingenuity of the players who buy the game in order to recreate all the details, the liveries and stadiums mentioned above. This has helped create a powerful online community along with editing interests, but when combined with the obvious advantages of PES games, you begin to understand why the game’s popularity is still so high but you can still get more details straight from the source.

Pro evolution soccer 2019

What are these game benefits?

Well, the compensation for the license situation has always exceeded the apparent beauty of the game in PES: this is a game for football fans. A real game has always more accurately reflected a real game, while FIFA has traditionally suffered in this area. Playing PES in the early years was always just fun, the games had a high score, but they were different, FIFA always felt prepared, and the ball never behaved like real football, feeling too floating. For comparison, the PES balls always had weight for them, and the problems between the players felt significant.

The analogy between the two games is that the FIFA is the configuration of the Premier League or the Champions League, it is polished and has backup copies that go out of their ears, but in reality this is not real football, it is a pre-packaged version of the game. The game, designed to catch fans of sports hunting for fame, those who scream about how good their team, despite the fact that he knows nothing about the history of their own teams

Pro evolution soccer 2019 free download, on the other hand, offers post bridges, dirty knees and food empanadas empanadas on a cold, wet Tuesday evening in Barnsley! This analogy can be lost in many, and to a certain extent it shows that football is not always bright, Nike’s multi-step and pink shoes, and we are talking about teams outside the Premier League who still have fans who flock to every house. And outside the game, despite the fact that he did not see how his side has won for many years. This is real football, and this is what Konami tried to capture, despite being in Japan.


They have largely succeeded, but in recent years the line between the two games has been blurred. FIFA is now very closely in line with the spirit of PES, some say their game is really better, Some people still disagree with this statement, but, of course, with the online patches now available for PES players, they can avoid the problem of licensing and creating photo-realistic players, equipment and kits, meaning that two games are in the middle of a collision path.