Valorant Anti-Cheat Solution Not Good To Keep Away the Hackers

Despite all the attempts, the Riot Games have totally failed to recognize their hacker problem while it comes about Valorant. Also, Riot Games were accused to be unethical. We need to know that they are trying best. In layman’s terms, anti-cheating driver will be always searching through the console. Valorant is now breaking records with the viewership on twitter & will definitely make an amazing fan base; however, this game still requires plenty of work.

How Are the Hackers Getting Past Anti-Cheat Driver?

Whereas driver sounds OP on paper, but it may not be sufficient to stop valorant hacks. This game is in the closed-beta version at present, and many people are trying to hack through as easily. And Riot Games have also made it compulsory for vgk.sys to work 24*7, absolute necessity for playing Valorant. They banned first cheater some days ago. Whereas it is common in CS:GO, and we expected Valorant game to be better.

People may always find some innovative ways for cheat, and that was clear from its beginning. Problem with anti-cheat is the concern, as while it is compromised, will leave your whole computer at high risk. Creating the cheats & earning money from it may always be the business move.

Will Valorant Ever Become Cheat Free Game?

Suppose the game is in beta form, and people are cheating already, then it will be quite a challenge to say if this game can be totally cheat-free after its launch. Riot Games have claimed that the game will not allow any kind of cheating.  But, that was one big statement; we just hope that the Riot Games may deliver on the promise. It’s quite common for free game to get cheaters with the fake accounts (it is one kind of the content creation). We will see what steps that Riot Games are going to take to make this game cheat-free over its release.

Valorant will be filled with sweaty gamers who like their shooting titles, as Valorant blends the traditional FPS gameplay & magical elements, you will see cream rise on the front with haste. Suppose you wish to make the rise with everybody else, you will need to have skills required to do so; that is where Valorant hacks are enabled to keep your performance at peak. You can also compete with the top streamers if you opt to use the Valorant hack, and though that might be inspirational for some, it can be a breeze for the users.

In shooter-style game, aimbot hacking will be something that developers want to look out for, so it looks like the Riot Games’ VALORANT is not any different. The clip shows hacker clearly to be aware of their enemies’ locations prior to they appear.