Are Printed Cotton Bags The Eco Choice Your Customers Want?

With the issue of climate change rattling before us, it becomes of great significance to boost the availability of viable eco-friendly options in the business world. One such method could be a shift from conventional plastic bags to cotton ones.

Not only the cotton bags are eco-friendly and biodegradable, but can even be reused after proper cleaning. But do the customers would really prefer to go with printed cotton bags as an alternative to the plastic ones?


The cotton threads when woven tend to refer to unmatched strength. Thus, cotton bags can be carried many times as items which could be done in a plastic bag.

Although plastic bags can be washed and reused, it could only happen 1 or 2 times. Whereas the extra durability of the cotton bags makes it resilient to any hard-core washing.

Image of the brand

Cotton bags when printed with beautiful text and patterns aids in enhancing the brand. The packaging displays an amazing aesthetic appeal.

Further, it showcases your brand as being aligned with important environmental causes. Thus, a progressive outlook is established instead of just being shown as a profit oriented company.


Printed cotton bags tend to provide an exclusive substitute to other means of conventional bags.

Moreover, plastic bags have started to race against cotton bags in making a style statement.

While plastic bags are mostly transparent with brand logos printed on them, cotton bags come in a variety of colours and patterns which can be suited to according to a company’s preferences. Lively mottos can be printed on the cotton bags or personalised bags can be sewed as well.

Hence, a difference is created among all your competitors which help the brand to set apart.

Cost saving

The initial pricing in buying cotton bags can be highly intensive. However, the long lasting quality of cotton bags may make them to be quite cheaper. Total investment made may pay off in the future.

Moreover, the number of employees and time used in packaging can be limited, which in turn will further reduce the cost.

Thus, with so much benefits being handed to the consumers, they would certainly like to go with a distinctive selection. A need is going to be felt in future regarding sustainable means of conducting business. Why not start now and make your contribution in a small yet significant manner?