Polyethylene Foam: the Best Packaging Solution for Industries

The manufacturing industry requires effective custom packaging that offers optimum protection to the finished products. Polyethylene foam packaging is just perfect to protect and embellish your goods. You can opt for tailor made models that will match perfectly your needs. As you may already know, packaging is an important element for the company so, you should choose the best solution for your industry.

Polyethylene Foam: a Versatile Industrial Packaging Solution

Polyethylene foam is known to be the most effective in industrial packaging. The best manufacturers may use low and high density foams, antistatic foams and recycled foams that help introduce more environmentally responsible practices. They also apply high quality non-abrasive foams inside shipping cartons. You can notably order a custom polyethylene foam roll to pack and protect your valuable objects. For the transportation of very fragile goods, you can even opt for polyethylene foam shells that can be cut in any size. For reusable applications, there are also adapted polyethylene foam packaging solutions.

Polyethylene Foam: a Packaging Solution that Stands Apart

The smooth internal surfaces of the products allow a simple maintenance and cleaning. Its lightness permits an easy transport and a fast installation. Moreover, the cost is much lower than steel, fiberglass or cement. All this guarantees a significant time and money savings.

Let’s now talk about polyethylene foam packaging solidity! The rotational molding technology makes it possible to produce different densities and forms. The absence of welds which could weaken the parts stressed by internal tensions guarantees robustness and a high solidity. Polyethylene planks and rolls are ideal for many applications in industries, including food industry. Polyethylene is indeed a non-toxic guaranteed material. Therefore, it can even come into contact with food substances.

All polyethylene foam packaging solutions ensure the maximum reliability with regard to the problems of corrosion and oxidation. They prevent the formation of algae and the deterioration in the time of the products because they are treated with anti-UV agents. For that, it is highly advised to choose a reliable manufacturer that elaborates their polyethylene foam planks, rolls and bags according to the all applicable standards.

Regardless the type of product your industry manufactures, you can be sure to find the suitable polyethylene foam packaging solution. It guarantees the protection of the goods during transport. Just make sure to choose the right density. The denser it is, the more it absorbs shocks and the more it is expensive, too.