Reasons To Go For Escape Room Online

Before figuring out the reasons for playing theĀ escape room online let us first try and understand what it actually is. Well escape game is an adventure based thriller game which involves locking a single or number of player till 6 in a room where they are given to solve a series of puzzle or mystery in order to get out of the room and win.

The game was initially developed by a 35 year old Takao Kato who worked in the Kyoto publishing company and whose work was widely applauded and given a thumps up after the game became extremely popular for the players. From Japan where it was launched and invented, the game went on to garner rave reviews and became popular in countries such as United States. It is available to be played on smart phones too and can be easily downloaded from the android and can be easily downloaded from the stores.

escape room online

Motive to play the game:

As mentioned before the motive to play the game at first is to enhance the team building qualities and skills in the players. While playing the game and solving a number of mysteries a player comes across a number of situations where he uses his own personal creative skills and mind and work in coordination with each other which ultimately leads to gaining points and winning the game. So here are the 3 reasons which justify the escape room online as a skills reviving game:

  • Enhances creative thinking– Playing escape game at fictional makes the creative mind to work efficiently and compels a person to use his creative thinking in order to solve the mysteries and hidden truths. The time limit set which is of 60 minutes prompts the mind of a player to work fast and stimulate his creative mind to evolve new tricks to solve the mystery. It focuses attention of the mind to one single thing which is very essential in winning the game.
  • Leads to better coordination– The game is mostly played as a multiplayer game and while playing multi player game, the players would have to maintain a steady cooperation as well as coordination. This holds a lot of relevance in winning the game because sans coordination it would become very difficult for the players to solve the puzzle.
  • Leads to better relation between co-workers– For instance a manager and his co-worker playing the game would no longer work as senior and junior but as a equal team which debars the social barriers of positions and brings the players to the common platform of equality. It is very important in all aspects of life.