Wonders Of Seattle Airport Map

Seattle Airport, also known as Seattle-Tacoma International airport, is one of the largest airports in USA. It consists of three protracted runways which not only increases the numbers of aircraft but also increases the aircraft take-off run distance. It took 1.1 billion for the cost of construction. The seattle airport map is structured in a unique way that it actually tries to make a positive impact on the environment as it controls major air pollution.

Perfect Location

Sea-Tac is located in between cities of Tacoma and Seattle of course. The airport is situated between the northwestern coast of US on the borders of the state roads 518, 99 and 509, being only 1.5 distant from Interstate highway 5. This makes the route quite easier for passengers. Due to its location, many eminent airlines offer direct and interconnecting flights, making Seattle a hub for them.

Professional Staff

Similar to every other airport this airport also comprises of fully professional and disciplined staff. Each member with different responsibilities assigned with unique uniforms. The pathfinder’s uniform includes a blue shirt and a distinguishing batch on the left hand. This attire makes them easily visible. TSA officers at security check have different attire, black trousers with white shirt and have two significant labels. Whereas security on checkpoints they wear two batches on both sides.

Seattle Airport Map

Passenger friendly

The seattle airport map is designed in the most convenient way for the comfort of passengers. There are two parking lots designed for the passenger’s comfort.

  • Direct terminal level for $5/hour.
  • Cell phone waiting lot which is absolutely free up to 30 minutes.

Also, for the busiest hours of the day and holidays, special facilities are introduced. Rental car facility was introduced in the year 2012, previously shuttle services were there from the very beginning.

Environment friendly

From noise reduction programs to environmental protection, Sea-Tac tries it’s very best to control much of nature. A committee has been formed by the airport authority to work on the important issues of energy and sustainability. The main objective for this initiative is to decrease the amount of harmful gases and lower the sound implemented by the aircraft. As the airport being located between the cities, the committee has already started working on the noise reduction programs. The waste generated from planes includes surface water and hazardous substances that are already being taken care by the authorities.