5 Steps To Make A Complete Detoxification From THC In Your Hair

Our hair is generally full of toxins. You don’t need to smoke weed to know that you have built up toxins in it. See what can be found inside in this article.

There are plenty of detox shampoos on the market. Most of them are made to wash you off from the regular daily toxins. They are not very efficient when it comes to getting rid of the THC particles inside.

Most people smoking marijuana look for a detoxification method because of the problems they might get at work if they are caught that have been using drugs. Knowing this, we’ll explain everything you need to know in order to detoxify your hair completely and come out negative on the examination day. Follow up and learn more!

1. Don’t look for cheating methods

Some people think that they can cheat this just like they cheated in school. It’s not the same. Even if you managed to cheat the urine test, this is something else and you can be sure that you have no options in this case.

Knowing that the technicians take a sample from your head, some people decide to completely shave everything they have. They fail because the head is not the only place you have hair on. Even if you decide to shave them from the entire body, do you think that this won’t be suspicious?

Just think about how your boss will react when they see you completely bold on the day of the test. Your boss might not be a genius, but it’s still smart enough to see that you’re trying to lie to them. Don’t do anything like this, work on the problem and don’t expect a quick solution.

2. Choose the right shampoo

As we said, there’s a ton of products out there all claiming to be great. Don’t trust any of them. The ones made for health care and treating your hair from regular daily toxins won’t do anything for the drugs, and the ones claiming to offer a one-day solution are also not to be trusted.

They work by creating a window frame in which the hair will be so damaged that the lab practitioner won’t be able to detect the narcotic substances inside. The truth is they fail more than they succeed. It’s kind of a gamble to choose some of these.

What you need is the only known product that surely works. It’s called Aloe Rid the Old Formula. It’s a detox shampoo that helps if you use it as prescribed. The prescription says that you need to use it for at least 10 days for maximum results. Learn more about this on the link: https://cleardrugtests.com/products/top-toxin-removal-shampoo-for-hair-tests/

3. Learn about the washing options

Even though this is the only sure way and the only known way so far, people are always looking for a more efficient solution. That’s how they invented a few methods of combining other solutions and formulas to the job.

One of them is the Jerry G method that uses baking soda, any detox shampoo, bleach, dyeing kit, and Zydot Ultra Clean. It is a 10-day process during which your hair will completely be destroyed and it will take months until you recover at least a part of it.

The other more often used is the Macujo method. This is a method that uses Aloe Rid Old Formula, vinegar, Tide detergent, and pink Clean and Clear skincare formula. It is safer and more efficient the previous one. It can be done in a shorter period of time but it’s still better if you practice it at least 10 days.

4. Do a thorough job

If you open the internet you’ll see that there are a lot of pages explaining the exact way how to do it and you’ll also see which one helped them and which one didn’t.

Sometimes the fault is in the method and the choice of products, but sometimes it’s because of the way people approach the problem. For example, if the instruction manual of the shampoo says you need to wash with it up to 4 times a day, you need to follow this. If you wash only 2 times, you’ll fail. In this case, the problem is not in the product, but in your neglect.

When it comes to the most popular macujo method, there’s a complex procedure, but it must be done. If you don’t cover every inch of your head, the technicians might get a sample from that part and you’ll fail. That’s why it’s good to watch yourself in the mirror while showering so you can be sure that you’re covering every spot.

5. Pay attention to details

It’s also important to do the procedure as prescribed. For example, in the macujo method we prefer, you can’t wash with the Tide detergent first. There’s a schedule for everything. You also can’t just put the vinegar on dry hair. You need to make it wet, but not soaked. This is important to make the vinegar able to reach inside the scalp.

Also, the instructions say to leave the mix of vinegar and Clean and Clear for 30 minutes. Leaving it for 20 minutes is not enough, but you won’t do any good if you leave it on your head for an hour too. You’ll only risk to make a rush on your skin and compromise the whole additional procedure.


You need to know exactly what you’re looking for and what are your needs. If you just want to have healthy hair, any of the regular store detox shampoos will do the job. If you’re looking for something stronger that will get you through the testing at work, then see what we wrote above.

The final words would be to never compromise between the best and the promises. Promise produces failure while proof provides success. Always choose the best option in this situation no matter the price. It’s your future you might be gambling with here.