Dianabol for Sale in Injectable & Pill Form

Among the steroids available today, Dbol or Dianabol is considered as the oldest form of the steroids. This is said to be the first steroid created which is oral and anabolic. This steroid is available in both pills and tablets form. Dianabol is an oral anabolic agent and it is extremely powerful.

From 1950, Dianabol is the steroid which is very effective and popular when it comes to performance enhancement. Of course the main motive behind its creation is same that is performance enhancement.


The main thing which user should know about the dosage is, it should be realistic and reasonable. Dianabol dosages ranges from 10- 50 mg. Usually advanced body builders go for 50 mg. As suggested for all other steroids, even Dianabol should be used in lower doses at the beginning and then dose should be increased gradually. Being an oral anabolic agent, Dbol is really powerful.

an oral anabolic agent

Even though Dbol is very popular in the performance enhancement, good thing is it is one among the cheapest steroids available. This steroid is considered budget friendly. But great transformation is guaranteed by Dbol.

The price of a steroid usually depends on the brand or company. Even with little variations, Dbol is considered cheap irrespective of the brand. It is better to do a research or read about Dbol before/after effects and understand the pros and cons before starting to use the steroid.

Dbol Steroids Usage guide:

There are two main reasons for which Dbol is commonly used in performance enhancement. They are

  • To achieve strength and growth in off seasons
  • Second is to enhance the athletic performance irrespective of the activity or sprot

Dbol is commonly used for off- seasons by majority of the users for example to give a kick start for a workout. When it comes to gaining strength and mass in short interval of time, people usually go for Metandienone. It is possible to gain around 20lbs in just 4 weeks by using Dbol steroids.

Even steroids like Anadrol can result in better results compared to Dbol but they come with severe negative effects. The ideal cycle is to use steroid like Methandrostenolone for about 6 weeks and then use some injectable steroids to maintain the results achieved.

How it works?

Methandrostenolone is the scientific name for Dbol. 90 210 is the anabolic rating for this steroid.40 – 60 is the androgenic rating of Dianabol. The androgenic rating is considered as mild for this steroid. Even though on the basis of rating it is considered mild, actually the effects will be far higher than expected.

5 hour is the half life of Dbol and it comes with strong aromatizing nature. This steroid should ne administered once a day. Some users even choose to administer it 2 times a day. Dbol is included in c17 aa family. That is why it will be active after the 1st pass through liver.

The side effects of Dbol are due to both its aromatizing abilities and hepatotoxic nature. The 3 main traits of Dbol pills are enhanced nitrogen retention, enhanced glycogenolysis, and enhanced protein synthesis. Some of the common side effects include acne, hair loss, male pattern baldness, gynecomestia, high blood pressure, and lover toxicity.