1.    Introduction

A.      Emergency hospitals provide medical services to provide acute medical care, transport them to definite care and also provide medical transport to the patients who has in less and injuries because they can’t travel on their own. Emergency medical services where there are first aid squad, Rescue Squad, emergency squad, ambulance squad, all this work correctly in order to save them live of the patient. If anyone is sick or badly hurted they need emergency medical services. These services use especially well trained professional and there are also well equipped with both  primary and secondary health care facilities, they are well equipped in the hospital,They are also at work paired with mobile critical care unit which help the patient who are in critical condition like accident trauma problems one such hospital is  urgent care san antonio which provides 24 hours service.

2.    What exactly to be seen when visiting a hospital

A.      First and foremost thing to look whether they’re providing 24 by 7 so this is or not because we don’t know when the emergency comes therefore you should check whether they’re providing 24 by 7 service or not

B.      the next thing to be seen ace payment options because in a hurry mode you might forget your cards or money to take with you in such conditions they should accept online payments which can be done with your mobile, that means they should provide you flexible payment methods

C.      the next thing to be seen as whether there are experienced doctors or not.the emergencydoctor usually are highly experienced and patient friendly in nature and they treat the patient as a family member rather than a number f.

D.     they also provides pediatric care because there are certain situations where pediatric child like child below one yearwhere emergency situations arise has to be treated immediately

E.      all the above mentioned things are collectively provided by the urgent care san Antonio, who are customer friendly and also provide 24 hour services for 365 days with no hesitation, and the nurses were there are also very friendly and they treat the patients as their own family members, there are various quads took take care of particular jobs like transportation or ambulance care, stretchers, highly skilled doctor squad .

3.    To sum up

A.      Whenever and then emergency situation add isis like the patient is ill or unable to move because weirdness of the disease or accident or  sudden trauma in such cases visit the prestige emergency room we made you get emergenc services provided. the prestige emergency room has highly skilled doctors, emergency squad frustrated squad, rescue squad, ambulance squad everyone does their work correctly to save their lives of the patients who are in there last stage hot in this stage of coma.