All About 200 -Hour Yoga Instructor Training

The 200 hour yoga instructor training course is based around the long-established Ashtanga Yoga system set by Sage Patanjali about 3000 years ago. The syllabus is healthful and it includes asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, alignment, adjustment, and lastly various teaching practices. The course also covers Vinyasa flow followed by learning how you can create your sequences.

Even though the teaching pattern is traditional but the approach is liberal, you are completely welcome to be creative and you can even involve your spiritual experiences in your learning as well as teaching patterns. There are not any set beliefs as far as the teaching practices are concerned.

More about the course

  • The yoga instructor training course is not for everybody, however, you could be the right fit only if
  • You have a deep-rooted desire to learn more about yoga and the yogic lifestyle.
  • You believe that it’s time to your yogic practices (asana, pranayama, and meditation) to a different level.
  • You want the yogic practices to be carried out in a warmer, healthier, and more peaceful atmosphere.
  • You want to help others with your teachings, so they can have a more peaceful life ahead.

200 hour yoga instructor training

How does it help?

Well, a 200 hour yoga instructor training course, helps practitioners gain a stronger hold over the fundamentals of yoga as well as philosophy. You get a deeper understanding of the yogic practices, the impact is way deeper, human anatomy and physiology would give you a different understanding of bones, muscles, nervous system, and so forth. Moreover, getting into the whole habit of meditating religiously with a host of other practices would help keep a calm state of mind.

It’s rewarding

Teaching people yogic practices is very rewarding if you think carefully because then you are helping them, right? You are helping them understand that what they may be looking for outside, lies within them. The unique part about being a yoga trainer is after a point you realize most of the things that fascinated you at one point were insignificant, they would not mean anything to you any longer.


Yoga training is not a regular 9-5 job unless that is how you plan it. You can choose how you would want the classes to work, where it does not interfere with your personal life. To a lot of people, it is a dream job, because you are doing what you like the best and being paid for it too. Some are even luckier to get to travel in the course of their career but apart from all the superficial aspects yoga training is beneficial beyond measure.