Anadrol Dosage Plan for Bulking

For any drug, there is also the general recommended dosage without the specific height and weight ratio. For Anadrol, it is 50 mg. This measurement goes for those who are just starting a bulking cycle. And also to those who have finished a cycle of gaining weight and doing post cycle therapy. With this dosage, the desired weight gain and muscle growth are generally achieved. The general gain in weight ranges from 20 to 30 lbs in the span of three months. The tablet forms of Anadrol are usually in this 50 mg packaging for easier consumption.

Taking half a dose of Anadrol

50 mg in a day is the recommended daily intake of Anadrol; be that as it may, 25 mg dosage is additionally adequate for some clients. 25 mg measurements are only the half of a tablet. 25 mg is a stable half measure for those who want to take this drug to test the effects. These are also the ones that want to avoid adverse reactions.

One should take note that Anadrol is a drug that would only work properly as a supplement to a healthy lifestyle. The Oxymetholone in Anadrol is a compound capable of producing hormones for the body. However, this production of Oxymetholone may affect the blood circulation and the cholesterol level of the user. It is also extremely hepatotoxic. Anadrol in smaller dosage makes the adverse reactions easier to control.

Despite the fact that users won’t gain up 20 to 30 lbs with this dosage level, they can figure out how to gain the desired weight. It should be done with appropriate eating habits and exercise. Anadrol measurements in these doses can likewise be used for cutting cycles. This is especially for the clients planning to challenge themselves with workout routines. Water retention is also easier to control at this dose.

Taking 100 mg or More in a Cycle

While the dosage of Anadrol 25 to 50 mg is enough to some user, it isn’t enough for others. There are some bodybuilders that can take from 75 to 100 mg of this steroid. This is due to the promise of better outcomes. It also promised better results in the shorter period of time. However, it should be important to note that taking the steroid on a heavy dose like this can also increase the risk of the side effects. Also, taking more 100 mg will give negative effects like hair loss and acne. This is dependent on the individual, some even reporting the loss of the desired effects of the drug.

Perfect Duration of your Cycle

Irrespective of the dosage, you ought not to take Anadrol 25 mg to 50 mg for more than two to six months. As this steroid can be dangerous for longer periods of time. For your health, taking the drug for one month to one and a half months would the ideal steroid cycling. Even with this short cycle, the effects of this drug will be noticeable. There are no real benefits of prolonging the use. With that, this timeframe would be the safest from side effects and the most favorable for the positive effects of the drug.