Causes and Symptoms of Chronic Knee Pain

There can be various reasons for the occurrence of chronic knee pain. These include certain diseases or chances of bone problems that occur at old age. Knee problem occurs mainly among the elderly people. The conditions that ultimately result in this chronic knee pain and have a lot of treatments which can help in relieving pain and swelling.

Causes of Knee Pain

Causes of Knee Pain

Certain physical changes are there that can cause knee pain and they are totally different from temporary knee pain caused due to some injury or accidents. There are several knee specialist in India who efficiently treat their patients with medications. Some of the most common diseases that ultimately result in knee pain are:

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis: This is a major autoimmune disorder that results in a swelling of the knee joint and causes bone erosion and also results in problems in movement.
  2. Osteoarthritis: This ultimately results and inflammation and the degeneration of the joint. It causes severe pain because the bone of the joint degrades with time and ultimately turns feeble to break from a small jerk.
  3. Gout: This is a health condition where uric acid deposition occurs in the knee joint. People suffering from gout feel a lot amount of pain whenever they tend to walk. It ultimately stops a person from walking properly.
  4. Torn ligament or damages in the cartilage under the kneecap can cause severe pain. After suffering from damages it becomes very difficult to move the knee.

The wear and tear of muscles, tendons or breakage of bone due to various chemical and physical changes are the reason behind chronic knee pain. Temporary knee pain may occur due to any accidental causes but they last for a few these all months and ultimately cured totally. But some of the chronic knee disorders require continuous medication to keep them under control.

There are several physical conditions that can result in even worse knee pain.

  1. The continuous strain of muscles in the kneecap.
  2. Several types of internal infections that damage the bone from within.
  3. Having a bad posture while carrying out any type of physical activity.
  4. Improper stretching of muscle and overuse of the muscle.

The things that seem to be proper during normal conditions may result in complication when a person suffers from chronic knee disorders. Unless and until proper medication is taken from starting stages, the situations for any person suffering from knee pain can worsen. Only the top knee surgeons India can offer the best medication and surgical procedure to nullify this kind of issues.

During old age, bones weaken due to normal conditions inside the body. As a result chances of having chronic knee pain increases at this age. Thus above a certain age, every person needs to be concerned about their bone health. It can help them in their bone development and reduce chances of breakage.


 Chronic knee pain needs years to be cured with medication. Therefore it needs to be started as soon as one feels the need for it.