Daily Pregnancy Calendar- Know More about It

Have you got the good news? Have you shared it with your partner and other members of your family? They must be joyous and crazy to hear this one. Yes, pregnancy to woman brings lots of happiness and excitement to the lady and everyone around her. But, not only happiness, it also brings tension and fear to the lady. How to take care of your health? How to face the changes that are coming in the next months? How to cope up with mental challenges through these months? Such thoughts and more disturbs you once you get the USG report at your hand.

Your body is going to change every day and you will face new challenges in your life. Today, there are certain objects which can help you to monitor your pregnancy throughout these nine months. How about wearing a kick counter wristband? It will count each kick that your baby makes from your womb. Also, a daily pregnancy calendar can help you to record your pregnancy growth.

What Does It Do?

Actually, these calendars provide information about the changes that happen weekly to the woman and the baby. Not only that, but this calendar is also effective of giving insights into the body of the would-be moms and also show the impacts of pregnancy on her.

How Does a Pregnancy Calendar Work?

There is a certain principle on which pregnancy calendar works. It shows the expected date of confinement (EDC) along with the expected date of delivery (EDD) that is after 40 weeks after your last normal menstruation.

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For human, normal gestation takes 38-42 weeks and baby born within this time gap. According to a study, in case of5-10% women, kids are born on the due date. Therefore, you can follow the calendar as a real guide.

Reasons for Popularity of Pregnancy Calendar

Today, modernization has made life quite easy. A daily pregnancy calendar is one of the tools that answer your curiosity regarding pregnancy. This calendar helps to know the development of the baby week after week and also how they are getting active. There are many couples who use pregnancy calendar to secure a bonding with the baby and also communicate with it in a mature way. Overall, this calendar helps the parents to understand what the baby is up to and the stages it has to go through before the weeks of birth.

How to Use Pregnancy Calendar

To use this thing, you need to follow certain steps-

  • At first, you should know how many weeks you are pregnant.
  • If you have confusion over it, consult your healthcare giver to determine the time based on your last period.
  • You can also use due date calculator to know the weeks of your pregnancy.

Once you know it, calculating your baby’s growth and the delivery date will be easier. Pregnancy brings lots of curiousness. You can use certain devices to get answers to your questions and wait for the big day of your life. Each day of your pregnancy is special. So, try to live in every moment.