Have To Know The Importance Of Obstetrics Singapore

If you’re a woman, then there are a certain set of doctors that you need to know about. One of the most common kinds of doctors that every woman will come across in their life is the gynaecologist. The one who takes care of any issues related to the reproductive systems of a woman.

But how many are familiar with an obstetrician? Not women, but many families are unaware of this set of doctors. Most of them just believe that pregnancy and childbirth are taken care of by gynaecologists alone. But this is far from the truth. Here are some responsibilities of an obstetrics Singapore.

Their Duties During Pregnancy

An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in pregnancy and yet many pregnant women are unaware of these doctors. During pregnancy, an obstetrician must take care of the growth of the child within a mother’s womb. They are to check the vitals of both the mother and child during their prenatal check-ups.

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This can be seen in any private hospital. But the same is not a scenario in a government or public hospital. In these hospitals, an obstetrician is to be consulted only when required. Most of the time, everything else is taken care of by midwives and gynaecologists alone.

Their Duties During Child Birth

The second stage of labour is giving birth to the child. The mother is at their hardest point of life and this is especially the case when they are having a normal delivery process. In public hospitals, an obstetrician is rarely seen in the labour room. The mother is mostly handled by midwives alone. But apart from that, they will be present during complicated childbirth to ensure the safety of the mother and child.

During delivery in a private hospital, an obstetrician may come in between to check the vitals of the mother and child alone.

Their Duties Right After Child Birth

Right after delivery is also when their duties are at their peak. Especially when you are having a private obstetrics singapore. In such cases, the doctor will come and continuously come and check up on your health and the vitals of the child. This continues until you are discharged.

After being discharged, some of the obstetricians may suggest you come after 6 weeks for a regular check-up. These are only for formalities to ensure that everything is going right after childbirth as well.