Know About Before Consuming Ecstasy Pills Here In America

The chemical name of an ecstasy pill is MDMA which consists of two potent mixtures named empathogen and entactogen. This property acts as a stimulant inside your body. The ecstasy form of this MDMA pill is available in tablets. This product is a psychological drug not used for any medicinal purposes but only for recreational purposes such as parties, dance programs, electronic music or dancing festivals, etc. This particular drug was invented in 1912 by Merck Group, a Germany-based science and technology-based company which has its headquarters located in Darmstadt which is inside the state of Hesse in the country. This company was established in 1668. They are also the major producer of morphine and cocaine the two most consumed recreational drugs around the world. Through this article, the readers and the viewers will learn about the areas in America where you can buy ecstasy pills.

What are the effects you might face after you consume the ecstasy pills?

  • Increases Dopamine level in your brain- increases your level of energy or activity and focuses on reinforcing your behavior.
  • Increases the secretion of Norepinephrine hormone present in your brain- through the consumption of these pills or crystals or powder you might experience an elevated heart rate, increase in blood pressure, which might result in rupture of blood vessels, or heart attacks.
  • You might face nausea making you lose self-control over your body which might result in unconsciousness, frequent fainting, etc.
  • These products affect voluntary actions in your body and also result in muscle cramps as you lose your appetite which makes you weak internally.

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  • You will experience hallucinations or euphoria when you experience seeing things, especially the ones which you dream about or desire to have existed.
  • On consumption of this drug, you will experience a sharp increase in body temperature which may result in sweating.

Are ecstasy pills legal in America?

Possession, buying, or selling ecstasy pills in America is well controlled. If caught that you are consuming or possessing more than the controlled rate as published by California Senate Bill you might end up in jail with a $ 1000 fine.

How you can buy ecstasy pills in America?

It should be prescribed by a legal and licensed doctor due to betterment in health condition. Buying illegal ecstasy pills from the streets is strictly prohibited. The pills should be bought from the official website page of the manufacturers.

Cost of ecstasy pills in America-

The average cost of a single ecstasy pill range from 70mg to 100mg costs from $15 to $ 25. A general 100mg capsule of MDMA costs from $ 20 to $ 50. If you consume a powder form of MDMA then a single gram of it will cost $ 150.

To conclude, the above-mentioned article defines the different health-related facts about ecstasy pills.