Know the common neurosurgery procedures conducted on patients

The neurosurgeons are considered to be specialists who have been trained to operate on the patient’s spinal cord, brain as well as other intricate structures related to human nervous system. They are known to undergo rigorous training in this specific field to become specialists. Besides attending college for four years, they also are to attend medical school for four years to complete their studies in this branch of medicine. Moreover, the neurosurgery student is expected to complete minimum residency of 6 years. They are to obtain the license to practice neurosurgery.

They are also called brain surgeons and are generally noticed to spend their time mostly working on human spines. There are several neurosurgery procedures that are performed by them on patients, with majority of them considered to be incredibly complicated.

Few common neurosurgery procedures

Irrespective of the type of neurosurgery procedure to be undertaken, it will be wise for the patient to consult one of the top 10 neurosurgeon doctor in India to get relief and proper and timely treatment.

  • Anterior Cervical Discectomy: Neck pain is experienced by both the genders at some time in their lives. If the pain is caused due to herniated disc, then it can become really unbearable and require immediate surgery. It is a delicate, but common procedure. The surgeons are said to perform anterior cervical discectomy and have the damaged disc removed which actually presses the spinal cord or the nerve root.
  • Craniectomy: There are numerous patients suffering from traumatic brain stroke and injury, who have been saved with this particular simple procedure. Here, a skull part is removed for providing the swelling brain, the much needed space that it requires for expanding without getting crushed.
  • Chiari Decompression: The Arnold-Chiari malformation can be termed to be an uncommon defect fond in that part the brain which controls balance. Hence, it is to be corrected, so as to experience coordination and balance. Several legitimate treatment choices are present, with all of them involving surgery. It is regarded to be the simplest and also the safest neurosurgical options available to patients. It involves removing of the bone, located at the skull’s back.
  • Epilepsy Surgery: Sometimes, epileptics might not respond properly to pharmacological treatment. In such cases, surgical options are the only choice left. The common procedure tends to involve removal of the brain part which produces uncontrollable as well as potential fatal seizures.
  • Lumbar Puncture: It is regarded to be an effective and simple test to treat several diseases related to the lumbar puncture (spinal tap), central nervous system. It is used commonly to diagnose meningitis.
  • Laminectomy: It is regarded to be a minimally invasive surgical procedure requiring just a small incision to be made on the skin, used for accessing and removing part of vertebral bone known as the lamina. It is also called decompression surgery and is availed commonly by patients suffering from chronic, severe back pain.

The best neurosurgeon doctor in India can help the patient to get quick relief and to enjoy normal life once again.