Neurostim extracts – Stay Alert and Intelligent all time!

Have you ever been so busy that you wished that you could focus for a long time without really taking any rest? Yes, in today’s busy times most of us have wished for this and now this is possible. Now you can take drugs to be awake, alert and focus for long hours without feeling tired or without need of sleep or rest. The answer is nootropics; for example Neurostim extracts.

So, what is Neurostim extracts? Basically, Neurostim extracts is a brain drug. It is an amazing mind power drug. It enables are person to stay energetic and active for several hours of day and night without any rest or simulation to perform extra demanding mental tasks and other activities with total intelligence, energy and interest.

This drug was developed decades ago for treating narcolepsy which is disorder of mind that causes high drowsiness during daytime. However today it is used by several ambitious professionals and students who want to reach great heights in their career using their mental ability. As it is very safe and non toxic, it can also be taken by night time workers and young mothers and helps them stay energetic and active during the night as well.

So, how does Neurostim extracts provide the required mental boost and stimulation?

Neurostim extracts belongs to a special class of drugs that are known as eugeroics. Eugeroics mean ‘good arousal’. Therefore Neurostim extracts is specially made to promote intelligence and alertness and helps in stimulating the central nervous system.

Neurostim extracts is different from other power drugs as it provides simulation only to areas of brain that need it without really interfering with other areas and activities of brain unlike other drugs that interferes unwanted areas. This makes Neurostim extracts much safer and doesn’t make people addicted to this drug when compared to simulation that is provided by other stimulants or smart drugs.

As Neurostim extracts stimulates 1-adrenergic receptors of brain selectively that usually respond to norepinephrine i.e noradrenaline (neurotransmitters that are linked to learning, alertness and memory), it gently stimulates without causing any unwanted side effects such as agitation, anxiety, insomnia that are usually associated with conventional stimulants.


 A dose of 2 to 4 tablets of 300 mg are recommended to be taken per day for improving cognitive function. However, if nootropics is being taken to treat narcolepsy and other special conditions, higher doses should be taken.

Why should it be taken over other stimulants?

There are several other stimulants such as coffee, methamphetamine etc. that stimulate a number of brain receptors including the ones that involved dopamine. This means they can often cause several side effects such as agitation, anxiety and sleeplessness. However; Neurostim extracts is more beneficial and without any side effects.

Though there are no side effects associated with Neurostim extracts, it is recommended that you take a liver function test before you start using this medicine or if you plan to use it for a long period of time so that you rule out any harmful side effect that it may have. Grab a complete knowhow today!