5 Ways Winter Storms Can Make You Vulnerable To Broken Windows

People living in areas that experience heavy snowfall and chilly winters have a lot of chances to face. Water pipes freeze and the high usage of temperature control devices raise the electricity consumption, and their energy bills touch the roofs. However, things get challenging during the snow storms as they bring a lot of physical damage to the properties.

Winter storms attack the doors and windows at first, and this is where the issues begin. Though you can avoid going out and stocking up on groceries to stay safe during these storms, there are many other things you need to do. One of the significant ones is to keep the contact with an expert for emergency window repairs and call them if the storm damages your windows.

5 Ways Winter Storms Can Break Your Windows

Damaging Winds

Damaging winds with higher speed strike the windows hard and might break them into pieces instantly. The moment your window breaks, the snow and the chilly winds enter the home, making it impossible to survive. The damage caused is directly proportional to the wind speed and requires emergency repair.

Ice Accumulation

When there is a snow storm, the ice accumulats on the window panes and frames. It puts additional pressure on the windows and might break them. Sometimes ice builds up in the window frames, and the glass comes out after breaking. It is another challenge as you cannot keep clearing the ice from accumulating around the window frames. So, you can keep the emergency contact with you if you need repairs.

Glass Cracking

The outside temperature would be chilling; however, the temperature inside the house would be warm due to the temperature control devices. This temperature parity inside and outside the home will also lead to cracks in the glass that eventually damage windows. Cracking glasses are a sign you might need to call the repair experts soon.

Melting Ice

The problem is not only when the storms occur or when the ice builds up. As the storm is over and it’s time for the ice to melt, the windows are again at risk of breaking. People sometimes pour hot water to defrost the ice and clean the windows to open them. Ensure you do not use boiling water as it might break the glass.

Weak Bonds

The glass fits inside the window frames with proper glazing. However, when the ice build-up and defrost process carries out a few times, this glazing can get affected. It is vital to call the experts for emergency window repairs and ask them to solve the glazing issues.

These are the ways in which the winter storms can make you vulnerable to broken windows. If it breaks in the middle of the storm, things can get messy, so it is better to stay prepared for it beforehand and take all the necessary precautions to sail through the storms smoothly. Research and find the best experts for repair just in case the need arises.