Finding mice and catching them is a very difficult thing to do. You cannot get hold of them as they move very quickly and vanish within a few seconds. Mice are dangerous rodents and can cause several health issues. You cannot understand what it takes to kill mice. They spread dangerous diseases and are not good for the health of society.

Mice travel easily on the surfaces and can even climb rough surfaces. Getting hold of mice is a difficult job because you never know, at what it may enter your place. Catching rats and mice are like a treasure hunt. You need to search for them at various locations. Especially at night, it gets more difficult. Rat traps are to be laid at corners of the homes on the floor where you regularly find them. Best rat baits are sticky foods and good sleeping meat. They get easily attracted to bacon, cat food, dog food, bird food etc. It is difficult for them to resist such foods. You can never say no to these foods.

Finding the Mice entry points

How to find mice entry points? Once you begin searching for mice at home. The first task is finding their entry points.  A mouse needs a small area to enter your home just to squeeze in its head. If the space of the hole is about the size of the head, that’s more than enough for the mice to enter. They are intelligent animals and can hide very easily once they enter. You should know where to find them exactly and block those entry points to keep your house free from mice. It takes time but you can do it.  Even from the door entry points should be blocked and closed so that they do not spoil your household items.

You need to search the common entry points first like is there any small space between your door and floor corners when you close the door. From the side of a windowpane can it enter. Look out for various spaces and seal them. Stopping the mice is far better than getting infected from mice and roaming around hospitals.

The common entry points are very rare ones. Check if there are any holes formed in the walls. Check for the areas where any plants are growing on the wall. These areas may go unnoticed by you because the plant may be hiding those holes. Seal those holes with building material or something. As it’s the most common point. Cable holes are the next big entry points. We have several cable holes at home. From your air conditioners, they may enter. They may be resting there.  They can also enter you home from rooftops if there are any holes there. Ventilation outlets should also be checked regularly.