Must Know Interior Decoration Themes

Wall art is simply beautiful when produced on canvas. It is usually a heavy textile fabric material that is commonly used in all kinds of industrial production. You can use the platform to design your wall art. Canvas wall art adds a lot of colour to your home. You can easily hang it on any part of your wall. In most cases, the work of art done on canvas can be a representation of a scene, an occasion or an event. It can also carry a simple image of an object, space or a flower vase. It is a perfect reflection of your personal style in your home. It is safe to say that there is a plethora of interior decoration themes that cater to each one’s preference and taste. Whether it’s an eclectic bohemian theme or a subtle minimalist setting, there are a variety of styles that speak to your soul. Here are some of the most popular interior decoration themes for people looking to redesign their homes.

1. Modern:

Modern is about highlighting chaotic issues. Asymmetry is highly observed and its clean lines are preferred in architecture. Instead of using many small accessories, modern themes use large paintings to complement open wall space. Open floor planning is common for achieving the feeling of living in a large space. Small apartments or houses with a serious space crisis use this special decor to make the space look bigger.

Common colours: Silent colours like beige, light brown and even grey are used for modern themes. Bright colours are used to add accents to the walls and handmade oil canvas paintings or from collection of famous oil paintings.

Common Furniture: Furniture should be kept simple and over embellishments are a big no- no to make the house look sleek and stylish.

2. Contemporary:

Often used interchangeably with modern style, contemporary has a completely different interpretation. Although the modern design is a representation of a movement beginning in the 20th century, it is a contemporary fluid design that does not adhere to any particular style. For the latter, significance is added to a fresh and natural look to the space. The focus is always on the line, form and size. In fact, the contemporary is always characterized by its smooth, sleek and muted features minus any kind of extravagance. Materials and ingredients play a more important role than colour.

Common colour: Colour is not the focal point in contemporary settings. As long as the shades bring depth and variety to the interior, it is all good to go.

Common Furniture: Furniture with a slim silhouette is a trademark of contemporary decor. Light coloured wood with clean lines is common.

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3. Minimalist:

More or less is the motto used for a minimal lifestyle, and decoration is a reflection of that. This theme has gained momentum over the past few years. The movement is all about extra cutting with minimal furniture and minimal accessories. The idea is to isolate life and reduce attachment to materials. Having less furniture in a room gives the feeling of space in abundance, which is the main feature of the minimalist theme.

Common Colour: White predominates in this particular theme. It is used to achieve the feeling of monochromatic and grey accents.

Common Furniture: Furniture used in this theme is minimal and possess neat designs. Plants are common in a minimalist setting.