Outdoor Teak Furniture for your Yard

Teak wood has long been valued for its outdoor use, not only for its beauty, but also because teak survives during our seasons. Teak ages gracefully with very little maintenance. Outdoor teak furniture will last 50-75 years without treatment. The tick will not share, although it can be checked (the grain will separate at the ends), which is quite normal. When choosing teak wood outdoor furniture, it is very important to grow it on plantations. This is important because poachers destroy deciduous forests. Plantation wood is grown as a renewable crop in an environmentally responsible manner. Local production contributes to stability and helps preserve the ecology of the forests of our planet.

You can leave teak wood outdoor furniture on the street, without worries.

When you get older, the tree will soften to a beautiful silver-gray color. It is very easy to clean it with mild soap and a brush with soft bristles, gently rub and rinse with clean water. Outdoor teak furniture should last a lifetime if properly constructed. Outdoor teak wood furniture is dried in an oven, epoxy resins are used for long-term durability, and any piece of metal used to fasten furniture is made of stainless steel or solid brass, which is not subject to corrosion. When not counted. Top grade teak for furniture, used for furniture, contains a large amount of natural oil that will resist deformation and decay, ensuring that it lasts longer than life.

Round outdoor sectional

If you prefer to preserve the original color of the teak, you can use wood and sealant or teak oil at the beginning and end of the season. Teak wood, which is already worn out, can be rejuvenated with a special protection and protection against teak. Before applying teak oil or preservative, wash a piece to remove dirt and dust and let it dry completely before applying and treating with sealant or oil. Teak is a natural product that can be left outdoors year-round in the rain, hail or the sun. The nature of the teak patio furniture will change, but its strength will remain. Periodic cleaning following the instructions above will not only preserve the look of your teak round outdoor sectional, but also prevent moss from growing.


There are several cheaper hardwoods that are used for outdoor furniture, and all of them are inferior to teak. Outdoor teak furniture is not expensive when you correlate value with life expectancy. You must remember this when comparing prices. You do not compare this with the same, comparing teak outdoor furniture with any other wooden furniture. The strange anomaly is that, despite the fact that it is built to withstand external influences in adverse weather conditions. In general, the price depends on the shape and weight of the piece of furniture. The larger the shape of the figure, the more wood is required for its manufacture, and for its creation more time is required.