Protect Kids and Pets in The House with Custom Fireplace Screens

When you have small kids and pets in the house, you need to be extra careful when near the fireplace. They often are curious and might end up getting too close to the fireplace when it is burning. It is here that you must install a fireplace screen to ensure they stay away from the fireplace, and the home is protected with success.

Choose attractive custom fireplace screens from credible websites

With credible websites, you can find several fireplace screens on sale for your home. They come in all kinds of shapes, designs, and styles. Following are some of the most common types of custom fireplace screens that are popular in the market today-

  1. Panel screens- These screens play a special role in arresting the sparks. They are designed to be fitted flatly outside of your fireplace and generally must overlap its opening by at least an inch on the sides and top. This fireplace screen delivers you optimal protection from sparks and is great for keeping your kids and pets from the fireplace. If you have a large fireplace, you can choose a screen that is smaller than the opening of your fireplace.
  1. Folding screens- They have a unique design, and they generally sit in front of your fireplace. They are installed on your home’s hearth, and the folding screens are about three to four inches taller than your fireplace opening. This design is intended not for looks but protection as it stops the sparks from jumping over the fireplace. If you burn gas logs, the fireplace screen can be one inch taller than its opening and still look great. However, the folded screens cannot stand on their own when stretched flat, so you should make sure its width is bigger so that the fireplace’s side panels can fold inside to stand on their own without hassles at all. Experts recommend these folding fireplace screens should be approximately 20-30% wider than the actual fireplace opening to work well.
  1. Fireplace screens with mesh curtains- This custom fireplace screen is widely popular in modern houses today. They do not occupy a lot of space on your hearth. Both of these screens have been custom built in such a way that they fit into the fireplace opening securely. They can also be constructed with brackets that can be attached to the screen in the fireplace opening, or they are often available with legs that permit the custom screen to stand alone without problems in front of your fireplace. Again, you can custom build them to fit inside your fireplace without problems if you want to. However, there will be some gaps between the bricks’ joints if you prefer to have them built inside.

Therefore, when it comes to installing custom fireplace screens for protecting kids and pets at home, you can always choose any one of the three options above. There are other popular styles available in the market, and you need to check with the manufacturer if you wish to check them out too before you buy a custom fireplace screen for your home.