These tips will keep you warm when the weather gets cold

As the winter weather takes hold, and the mornings get wonderfully crisp with beautiful frosts, our homes can suddenly feel as chilly as the outside. Keeping our homes and ourselves warm is crucial as the temperature drops outside. Here we have three easy ways to ensure that you stay warm and cosy as the nights draw in and the weather gets colder.

Keep the heat consistent

It can be tempting to only turn the heat on when we feel the cold, but for our health, it is best to keep the heat at a level and stable temperature. Fluctuations in the temperature can make aches and pains worse. So you should keep the room that you spend the most time in – the living room perhaps – at a constant 21°C. Keep other rooms at 18°C.

Do turn the heat up if you still feel that chill. A major concern is, of course, the cost, but you may well be eligible for help with your bills.To keep the heat in, close your curtains at dusk and get some draft excluders on your doors, both internal and external.

Check your heating system

If your home is still cold despite the heating being on, it could be that your heating system needs a check, or the radiators all could do with bleeding. In Gloucester boiler servicing is easy to arrange, with many companies like able to come and do a check and make sure all is running smoothly and importantly, efficiently.

Layers and more layers

It’s better to always stay wrapped up at home. And we don’t mean sitting around in your big winter coat! Lots of thinner layers are always better than one big one. Layer up with thermal under layers, and natural fibers like wool and cotton. Fleeces are great, as are fingerless gloves, so you can still make a cup of tea.

Invest in some blankets and throws, and have them on your sofa. You can lay them across your knees, and around your shoulders when watching television or reading. Keep your layers on when you go to bed too. That way you will be lovely and warm all night.

With these simple and cost-effective tips, you can stay toasty, comfortable and healthy this winter.